Road to Bhatti Lakes 100k – Week 8

20 Apr – 25 Apr 2015

My adapter to charge the laptop broke down, hence the delay in my writing the last weeks’ training report. Last week I was bordering the thin line between training and overtraining and I think, I had tripped a wee bit on the overtraining side. I had been dozing off while reading and listening to my wife and etc etc. My legs felt like lead throughout the week, though this was the ‘step back a bit‘ week for me.


I did a 5 k local race in the am. I was again feeling awful from last weekend party. I couldn’t put an honest effort in the run but felt okay when it finished. Thereafter did some rope climbing and other body weight exercises. To complete the total time to run on Monday, I did another 5 k in the evening in the hot sun.

I noticed that for some days now, I am having morning headaches. Maybe I am overtraining!

Today is also my sons’ birthday. The little brat turned 4. Incidentally, he is born on the day Hitler was born. And my sons’ name is Aric, a Hebrew name, which means RULE WITH MERCY. Ironic!

Through last four years.

Through last four years.



An easy 30 minutes trot. And cycled for around 6 k in the evening. Still not finding the time and energy to lift weights.


Today did a hour and a half run at an easy pace. The effort didn’t feel very tiring. I am taking care about recovering from the runs so that I can run afresh next day. I am being a good boy!

I have started losing weight now. I am doing most of my runs at an easy pace or in the aerobic range as per my Heart Rate Monitor. Also I am eating clean and have started to cut down on the weekend binge parties.


I did a timed 2.4 run which went well and gave a time of 9.40 minutes. Improved by around 10 seconds from last time. The rest of the day I kept feeling awful and tired. I wanted to sleep at any instance. I am clearly overtraining.


I decided to do just a 30 minutes recovery run today. I need to recover properly for the next upcoming week of training. The most important aspect of training for an ultramarathon is to recover properly for the next days’ run. If the recovery is not adequate, the whole training plan is going to be a washout. And the distance which I am attempting in October will be a first for me. I want to be as prepared as possible without being injured and overtrained.


The long awaited weekend! I have decided not to smoke and drink(much). We had a small get together at my house and I stuck to my resolution of not drinking excessively. I woke up fresh next morning.

Total time spent running = 230 minutes or about 3 hours and 30 minutes.

That was how my week looked like. The Bhatti Lakes 100k is a daunting task and I get jitters, sometimes, thinking about it. But when I recall this favourite quote of mine, I feel strong –WHO DARES WINS.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

Have you ever overtrained? I feel awful then. Do you?

What’s your best way to recover from workouts?

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