Road to Bhatti Lakes 100k – Week 7

The last week went fairly satisfactory as per training plan with a two hour run thrown in between.  And I am writing this post in midst of attending phone calls at home, feeding my kid, playing with him, listening to my wife’s non stop ramblings and etc etc.


I had still not recovered from last Saturday’s party. I did a 50 minutes lousy run in the morning. By the time I finished I was feeling fairy okay. Did some rope climbing push ups and sit ups. I am still trying to fit in some weight training in my training but am hard pressed for some own time. I am missing my Gangtok time of bliss and solitude!


Today was a national holiday on the eve of Baisakhi, so did not run today. Though it doesn’t have any relation with my run but my wife insisted on a late night movie, so I decided to ignore my run next day. That’s run and life balance, I guess! By the way, Baisakhi refers to the harvest festival of the Punjab region. And also the first day of Baisakhi marks the solar new year but is not considered to be a New Year across India but only in some regions. Therefore, Baisakhi coincides with the New Year’s Day (according to the solar new year) celebrated by people across the Tamil Nadu, Assam Valley, Kerala, Odisha, West Bengal, the Kumaon region of Uttrakhand and Mithila region of Bihar (where the Sun-god is honoured). It is also celebrated outside India in Nepal and Sri Lanka. Source : Wikipedia.


I was apprehensive the night before the long run today. It is getting warmer and humidity is increasing day by day. On Wednesday morning I am doing a 2 hour run. Almost a half marathon at my pace. I started at around 0430 hours and finished after 2 hours. In between, it happened for the first time, I came back home to use the potty. I couldn’t control it after 50 minutes of run. It was such a big relief! I restarted the stop watch after this unscheduled break and finished the run by 0630 hours.  Thereafter, I took a 10 minutes break of sitting down and having a glass of cold chocolate milk. I then woke up my son and readied him for school and myself for office, all in 45 minutes. Phew! I am a Superdad.

For the run I wore my trail running shoes and ran on the dirt path next to the metalled road. The soles of the shoes are already showing signs of use. I didn’t expect it. But they are super comfy. I may have to purchase a new pair few months before the race.


Luckily I was not very sore from yesterday’s run, so went for a easy jog of 30 minutes. I felt fairly okay, other than my right leg calf muscle giving me some nasty indications. I foam rolled once I got back home and wore compression socks for a while before I hit the showers. I have been eating well the whole week now and could feel the changes in my weight taking place.


I  was feeling fantastic in the morning. I went for a 50 minutes run at a moderate pace. In the evening too, I went back running home from playing Cricket. I forgot to tell you guys that I have been playing an hour and a half cricket in the evening everyday. I am getting in some sort of a different exercise in form of sprinting between wickets or after ball, throwing the ball, jumping and just plain standing.

View during my run.

View during my  evening run.

I find it quite funny to take a selfie while running. But here it is..

I find it quite funny to take a selfie while running. But here it is..


No run today. But me and my wife have organised a house warming party.

I found this dude hanging around in my porch. Had to clean him though...

I found this dude hanging around in my porch. Had to clean him though…

We had a super party in the evening, which stretched well beyond midnight.

Entrance of the house with an outdoor bar. The decoration, courtesy - my wife.

Entrance of the house with an outdoor bar. The decoration, courtesy – my wife.

Sitting area in the lawn.

Sitting area in the lawn.

Hookah room.

Hookah room.

My wife is an excellent interior decorator.

My wife is an excellent interior decorator.

The gang...still sober..

The gang…still sober..

Still sober...

Still sober…

Not sober now!

Not sober now!

I nearly fell off my chair laughing after I saw this...

I nearly fell off my chair laughing after I saw this…

So, that was my week. Next day was terrible as I woke up with a splitting headache and a dirty house with empty bottles and cigarette butts everywhere. But we had a terrific time and everybody enjoyed a lot.

Next week is a taper down week. Not a stressful one. Hope you guys had a great week!

Till then stay fit and keep running.

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    • Hey Archana, how are you doing? It heartening to know that you plan to start running again and I am inspiring you for that. I am glad that I could be of some help. All the best.

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