Road to Bhatti Lakes 100k – Week 22

27 July – 01 August 2015

This week was another great week of training. Lots of mileage i.e 84k with a 5k  walk. Or should I count the walk too? After all it is time on feet. Anyways, the most interesting part of the week was the long run on Saturday when I encountered a wild elephant.


A tough day as usual. I don’t believe in Monday Blues. I ran a 8k in the morning and a 11k in the evening with my colleague. The evening run was broken down in 3k of slow jog and 8k of a steady pace, on which I was bit uncomfortable. Actually I found a training partner in my colleague, who is a better runner than I am. So, I guess he can help me out in increasing my base speed.

After the run, I did some weights and cycled 8k back to my home. I was totally wasted after I reached home and slept early.


A recovery run in the morning of 5k. And a leisure walk of 5k in the evening in the hot sun.


A 5.5k jog followed by 2.5k fartlek. The weather was awesome this morning. No sun and no humidity. And a cool breeze blowing. It was a perfect day to do a hard speed workout. In the evening did some weight training.


I did a leisure 5k in the morning and a fast 8k in the evening with my training partner. He is older to me by around 8 years but is hell lot faster than me. How and why this discrimination? But nonetheless, I am happy to have him run with me. I can see that I am improving.


A slow 5k because of the next day long run.


Before(with puffy eyes) and after(getting chased around by an elephant) photo.

Before(with puffy eyes) and after(getting chased around by an elephant) photo.

I was happy about the run because I could keep my average pace at 6 minutes and 50 seconds per kilometer. An achievement for me. I guess all the fast running with my training partner is proving helpful. By the way, I had an encounter with wild life during the run. You can read about it here.

This is the summary of my story.

This is the summary of my story.

That’s all for the week. I am happy that my training is going in the right track. No blisters or injury till now. TOUCH WOOD. And I am building up endurance and speed steadily. I am lifting weights now at least twice a week. And cycling almost every day. Hope all goes well till the race. Another around 2 months to go.

This week’s mileage = 84k + 5k walk.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

What’s your craziest wildlife encounter?

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