Road to Bhatti Lakes 100k – Week 21

20 July – 25 July 2015

After last week’s mega effort, it was time to take things easy. Good news this week was that I received my consignment of GU’s energy gels after much research and wait. And finally found Gatorade in Siliguri.


I was quite fresh in the morning after partying on Saturday and Sunday. The booze certainly helps in recovery(pun intended)! Anyways, I did a easy 5k in the morning and 5k in the hot and humid sun. It suddenly seems like Bagdogra is getting deficient of rains.


I did not run today because I could not get up on time in the morning. Yes, this too happens with me. It was, in fact, my 7th marriage anniversary and the bachelors of my office came calling at midnight and sat for a couple of hours, drinking. So, you know, why I missed my run.

Today I received my first batch of GU’s energy gels. It contained 24 gels. I selected Espresso Love because I read in reviews that it is one of the best. Next batch will be Triberries. This will be my first time I am trying this thing. It should make my life bit easier in terms of taking in sufficient calories without carrying any bulky stuff. Its convenient and efficient. I will be trying them this weekend.

My first lot of GU's arrived, finally.

My first lot of GU’s arrived, finally.

Finally found Gatorade in Siliguri. I do keep my things neatly. A surprise for my wife!

Finally found Gatorade in Siliguri. I do keep my things neatly. A surprise for my wife!


I did a 5k in the morning with 2.4k of fartlek. After speed sessions, I realised the strides become quite light and long. In the evening I did a 11k run in the Wild Animal Corridor in rain.

In case you forgot this place!

In case you forgot this place!

It was fun except the legs were refusing to cooperate to run. They started obeying only after 5k. After finishing, I did a circuit of weight training at home. By the way, in next post I will post my home gym photograph. Nothing fancy. Just basic stuff.


A relaxed 5k in the morning in view of the impending 25k next day.


It was again humid like hell. Today my intention was to do a 33k but could manage only 25k. I started at 0300 hours after having coffee. I carried today with me two water bottles. One with plain water and one in waist belt, carrying Gatorade. Also, 2 gels.

Nowadays, getting out at this time, all alone, on the streets seems familiar. No one on the streets, lit by street lights, except herds of cows. And ever lingering fear of encountering the wild elephants. It all is quite comforting in a way.

I started the 6.6k loop at a decent clip. My aim was to keep the average pace below 7 minutes per hour. I didn’t carry my hydration pack today and could feel the difference in my running. I was lighter. Should I try carrying the pair of bottles during the race too? But carrying the pack is useful, in case I want to keep some things. I will have to check with the race authorities, in case the aid stations are not to far away i.e 5k apart is comfortable.  With this thought stuck in my mind, I continued to run. I am using this app called Runkeeper, which keeps giving out the distance run, time taken and average pace. It keeps calling every 5 minutes which is quite helpful in maintaining pace if you are running alone.

I did 4 loops and by the time I stopped running, it was humid and hot. I managed an average pace of 6 minutes 52 seconds. I drank a cold glass of milk with whey protein and Glutamine as soon as I entered home. And did some stretching and yoga before catching half and hour nap before office.

By the way, I forgot to write about the flavour of the gels. After the first one I felt like puking because it was too sweet and bitter like coffee. Some contradiction here! I had it after a hour of running. After another hour, it was more bearable. I drank lots of water after having them as the instructions say because water helps in easy digestion. A 100 calories per gels. They are something! I could feel the energy it gave.

After the run with Wilson(handheld). I suck at taking selfies!

After the run with Wilson(handheld). I suck at taking selfies!


Saturday was a relaxed day. Just drank beer and chilled.

Total mileage = 56k.

So, that’s how my week went. How was yours? I was really excited about my gels reaching me. And finally getting some Gatorade.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

Which flavour of GU’s do you like?

Do you use any alternates?

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