Road to Bhatti Lakes 100k – Week 20

13 July – 18 July 2015

It was an awesome week. I did lot of hard training with bouts of allergy. I did a total of 88k. It’s a whooper for me and felt good at the recovery.


Mondays’ are now becoming superman days for me. Lots of running, cycling and weight training on a single day. So, I ran 8k in the morning and followed by 8k cycling and 11k running in the evening with weight training to finish off the day.


I was sore when I got up in the morning but the early morning coffee gave me an instant kick to get running. 5k in the morning and 5k in the evening.

The bouts of allergy with sneezing, water from nose and eyes are just killing me, when they start. Anti allergics don’t seem to work. But I am not stopping to train despite it. I read that one can train safely with these ailments because it is bound to happen to endurance athletes. Think overtraining! Some perks of being a long distance runner, huh!


I ran a 8k in the morning with 5.5k jog and rest 2.5k of fartlek. It was fun because I had a group to run with. But it was hot and humid like hell. In Bengdubi, I am nowadays feeling that I am constantly dehydrated and thirsty, even though I am drinking tons of water.


I foam rolled before running in the morning because my calves were trying to ditch me. I did an easy 5k jog with lots of stretching and yoga. Evening again, I ran an easy 5k in the hot sun.

I have started taking now Vitamin C tablets to ward off the allergic bouts and am carrying a Hand Sanitiser everywhere I am going.


I ran a pathetic 5k with a sorry jog with lots of walking. I was tired since I got up in the morning. After the run did some cooling down and just sat in the shade for a while. I have to conserve my energy for tomorrow’s 40k.


Long run day! Infact I started running yesterday night at 2300 hours. Sounds crazy? I was planning to run from 0200 hours because we had planned for a picnic the same day as Saturday was a holiday. But my wife gave an idea of starting at 2300 hours and I thought why not. I had company on this run and my running partner was cool with the weird timing.

It was an uneventful run with no encounter with any kind of wildlife. My partner ran a 30k with me and then cycled along for last 11k. The night was humid like hell and there was no wind blowing. It felt like we were running in an air conditioned room with the AC off, no ceiling fan and the doors and windows shut close tightly.

I ate a small chocolate bar, a couple of bananas and lots of lemonade and plain water. By the end of 5th hour of running, I was feeling fairly okay in terms of strength to go on further, if required and in fact felt good to have done the run.

On reaching home, I had a glass of cold milk with whey protein and Glutamine and did some stretching and cooling down. I am, in fact having a glass of milk with whey and Glutamine after every workout. Then I tried to sleep till 1000 hours but had a disturbed sleep because of the post run adrenalin. I got up at 0830 hours and tried to lie down and sleep but couldn’t.

At 1100 hours we went to a nearby hill station called Mirik. We had a wonderful time of driving, drinking beer, taking photographs and lunch.

Mirik Lake.

Mirik Lake.

My son is now the official photographer of my wife!

My son is now the official photographer of my wife!

The gang.

The gang.

Going up a tea garden while going back. This little upslope also hurts!

Going up a tea garden while going back. This little upslope also hurts!

The view was breathtaking at the top.

The view was breathtaking at the top.

Some more tea garden.

Some more tea garden.

So that’s how my week ended. I apologise for writing this week’s update quite late but I got caught in life. One of my friend who follows my blog said that he pretty much knows how my training and all is going on through my weekly updates, though he stays in Australia. I was glad to know that.

After this week’s 41k run, I am getting quite confident in completing the Bhatti Lakes 100k. I am getting stronger, but not faster as I wanted. But I have patience to build up and peak at the right time.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

Do you have bouts of sneezing and nose and eye watering during training? How do you take care of it?

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I am Neel and the creator of borN. I am an ultra marathoner, scuba diver, adventurer, writer and father of an extremely active child.

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    • Thanks Archana. This short day trip was such a relief from the clammy weather of Bengdubi. Glad we took it.

      Have you been to this side of the country?

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  1. I was posted in Baghdogra AF base for 3 years! I have lots of memories of this place. But those were analog days and i don’t have much pics.
    Indrani recently posted…Wordless – 340My Profile

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    • That’s nice to know! You know what was the thing which struck me when I moved out of the Bagdogra Airport for the first time? They were the tea gardens and the tall green trees.

      Where are you posted nowadays? And thanks for visiting my blog.

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  2. Nice post! The place is green and beautiful.

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    • Hey Laura, welcome to my blog. Glad you liked the photographs. Do visit again.

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