Road to Bhatti Lakes 100k – Week 19

6 July – 11 July 2015

It was an awesome week. Because I ran a lot and I felt good throughout the week after so many days except for one day of just wiping my nose and eyes. Damn this allergy! I read today that overtraining leads to wreaking of immune system and hence the Upper Respiratory Infections(URI). Anyways, I ran a total of 79k this week. I am happy to get going after my crappy week 14, 15 and 17.


Monday blues..I don’t feel them! Because I am rested and refreshed on the day before and eager to start pounding the tarmac. I ran a 8k in the morning and 10k in the evening. In the evening, I did a 20 minutes session of weight training.

I was thinking from this day itself that I have to build up and cover for the few previous poor weeks. The weather in Bagdogra is increasingly becoming clammy and sometimes is suffocating. But it is good for me because Bhatti Lakes 100k is also going to present me a hot and humid climate.


I was a bit sore in the morning. And the sun was very bright today. In the east here the sun rises early and is quite brutal. In the morning I just ran a 5k because of the heat and ran a 8k in the evening, to make up the mileage.


I got up sore and today was speed day. I jogged for 2.4k and then did intervals between 3-4 electricity poles on the roadside. I wrapped up with some single leg hopping and bounding.


I ran a easy 5k in the morning and a 8k in the evening. Incidentally in the evening I had a cup of coffee with someone before the run. When I started running, I felt absolutely wonderful. Partly maybe because it was beautiful outside with dark clouds and cool breeze and partly because of the coffee. I was not tired for a second and maintained a good steady pace throughout the run. After the run I did some weight training and went back home happy about the run and drank a glass of protein shake with milk.

I am drinking coffee now every morning before the run. It’s an absolute wonderful legal drug.




It rained in the morning and plus I got up tired. So, I thought that the rain came down as a natural excuse. In the evening, I didn’t run because the next day I planned to do a 30 plus k run.

I love this place because of the different views of the same mountain range.

I love this place because of the different views of the same mountain range.


Before the run. Don't mind the hair clips. My wife has an obsession for it.

Before the run. Don’t mind the hair clips. My wife has an obsession for it.

It is the long run day. As I told you earlier about the magic of coffee, my wife made me a cup at 0200 hours and woke me up. I was so happy. Anyways, I got up and had my coffee and got ready and before moving out clicked the above photo. Today I planned to do 5 loops of 6.6k. A total of 33k.

As usual at 0300 hours, it was a pitch dark sky with the street lights on. I started my loops slowly and being wary of the annoying street dogs. At some places they forced me to walk for almost 500-600 metres. Anyways by the end of first loop, the siren for elephants was sounded nearby. Now I was on the road where there were no street lights. On my left side was thick vegetation where the elephants generally disappear into and on my right were some houses. In between the houses and me was a thick patch of bushes which ran along the road. So, if the elephants came from left, I won’t have anywhere to go except forward or backward. Back was covered by the dogs and at front were some houses at about 400 metres. Not wise decision to sprint 400 metres if an elephant charged at me. An ideal Catch 22 situation!

I retraced my steps back by 200 metres or so and found a road going in between these houses on the right. As I was walking on this inroad, a wild boar shot across the expanse of the bushes. And I was like, ‘Okay, it’s going to be an adventurous run.’ On my second loop, dawn arrived and I saw around 7 elephants, 2 big ones with tusks, standing in the middle of a field, 400 metres from me. It was around the same place where I went on the inroads of the houses on the right. I saw them and continued running. I didn’t click a photo because my phone camera wouldn’t have done justice. Maybe next time.

Rest of the run was uneventful. I cut short my run by a kilometre because the sun was getting harsh and I was kind of tired. I decided to go home then.

Afternoon recovery drink...

Afternoon recovery drink…

Total Mileage for the week = 79k. It’s pretty good considering that I was out of action, more or less, for last 3 weeks.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

What was your wildest adventure during your outing?

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