Road to Bhatti Lakes 100k – Week 18

29 June – 04 July 2015

It was a crappy week again with only 3 days of running and 4 days of viral fever. I was feeling so disgusted by the continuing interruptions that I was contemplating dropping out of Bhatti Lakes 100k before it begins in October. Anyways, here are the highlight of the week.

Just a random photo of long road travelled..

Just a random photo of long road travelled..


I ran a 8k in the morning. I was feeling quite peppy, being the first day of the week and ran a 8k in the hot evening sun. Thereafter, I did few exercises with weights in the gym and went for a swim  with my son.

I was feeling particularly proud to do a 16k at the start of the week. I modified my training plan a bit, taking into consideration that my week 14, 15 and 17 didn’t go as planned. I basically altered the lengths of the long runs with regards to the countdown to Bhatti Lakes 100k. After doing this small exercise, I felt a bit relaxed.


I did a 8k in the morning. I was a bit sore from last day’s effort but I managed it. In the evening, I cycled 10k and then later went for a swim with my son.

At night I was feeling the symptoms of viral with sore throat, runny nose and body ache. I thought I was overtraining. I slept off and slept poorly.


The morning was a difficult one. I had planned to do some speed work and at 0430 hours, I was finding difficult to get up from the bed. After a lousy warm up, when I started running, I was sore like hell. I just couldn’t take a longer step and my both the knees hurt. I finished the run and did some short repeats of 75 – 100 metres with a recovery of 200 metres. I finished the workout with some hopping and bounding.

I felt okay after the run but my nose and eyes kept watering. Thereafter, throughout the day, I survived on anti – allergic tabs and kept wiping my nose and eyes. I finally went down with the viral.


I was pathetic for next 3 days with body ache and water running from eyes and nose. I was irritated and disgusted. I shouldn’t have started swimming as I have always contracted viral since I start swimming in a public pool. On Friday, I got a strong urge to run a bit in the evening when I was feeling a tad better but I resisted. However, I couldn’t resist myself and did some weight training on Saturday evening.

I am already feeling good when I am writing this post. I guess, this break has done some good as in terms of recovery, both physically and mentally. A positive side to look at the unscheduled breaks.

I have to cover up on the missed long runs gradually. I can’t afford to slacken down the tempo now. EYE OF THE TIGER!

Till then stay fit and keep running.

What do you do when you get sick in the middle of your training period? Do you ignore the symptoms, hoping they will go away on their own?

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