Road to Bhatti Lakes 100k – Week 12

18 May – 23 May 2015

This was a taper down week. It went well and I took it easy, focusing on recovery and eating well. I did not focus much on mileage except the weekly long run of 30k. I was losing my mojo last week. By the way, I did my first ever photo shoot. My friend was kind enough to give me company during the long run and he got his camera along.


I did a 8k in the morning. It is getting very humid at this place. When it rains, it gets worse. It feels like someone is choking on you and there is not a slightest whiff of air around.


I did a 5k in the morning and 5k in the evening. 10k done for the day. I have now started distributing the kms between morning and evening whenever I don’t feel like running. Also, as cross training, I am cycling 10k every evening.


It rained heavily in the morning today. I could just manage 2k. I guess this forceful interruption or a natural obstacle in the schedule will help me in recovering from last weeks training.

Can't beat this evening view!

Can’t beat this evening view!


Just a 5k in the morning and a 4k on a grassy trail near my home in the evening. It is just a 2k loop. And I need to start running on it to give my legs some feel of undulating ground as is present at the Bhatti Lakes 100k.


A light 5k before weekly long run of 30k. In the evening, I alongwith my friend went in my car to measure the route for tomorrow’s run. Now I have decided to hit the Wild Animal Corridor only after it’s day light. No risky business this time!

The evening view of these mountains with the ominous looking rain clouds make it a great photo shot.

The evening view of these mountains with the ominous looking rain clouds make it a great photo shot.


I got up at 3am and started running at 4am. Had a PB sandwich before I started. Also, this time I had put my hydration bladder, filled with water, in the refrigerator overnight. It was heaven when I took my first sip from it. Anyways the run was great as I ran a decent clip and finished it in 3 hour and 15 minutes and I was quite fresh after that to attend office, partook in a beer party in the afternoon and Saturday night pub hopping. The main highlight of the run was the photo shoot by my friend. You can follow him on Trover.  Hope you guys like it.














I finished the run stronger than last week’s long run. I guess I am becoming stronger and more resilient for these hours of pounding the tarmac. I had on me few Snickers chocolate, handful of almonds and apricots, a bottle of sweet and salted Lemonade and Coconut water. I also had 2 litres of water in the hydration pack. Overall my nutrition plan was upto the mark.

Total mileage of the week = 59k.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and you can appreciate the photographer by following him on Trover. By the way, while running the Saturday long run, I thought up a new article on run-life balance. I will be posting it soon.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

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