Road to Bhatti Lakes 100k – Week 11

11 May – 16 May 2015

I passed by this tea garden numerous times but never saw this giant tea cup.

I passed by this tea garden numerous times but never saw this giant tea cup.

This week sucked completely except for the weekly long run of 35k. I was overtraining clearly and was dreading each run. But I took some break before the weekly long run and somewhat planned my hydration and nutritional needs.


I ran a 10k in the AM. It was okay considering I had a Sunday off from running. After the run did some pull ups and core work. Still not getting time and energy for doing weights. I am only thinking of some basic exercises like squats, deadlifts and bench presses.

Shopping for fish in the evening.

Shopping for fish in the evening.


Did a local 5k in the morning and totally sucked at it. My time was all over the route. I felt a generally tiredness and lethargy when I got up in the morning. Maybe because of a couple of drinks of rum with one of my old friends who came visiting. But I was not to harried by the poor performance because I know it’s just one of the runs. I ran a 5k in the evening at a relaxed pace.


An 8k in the morning. I feeling quite low. There seems to be a lack in the ‘spring’ in my footsteps. I need to recover before this weekly long run. I can’t and shouldn’t do it with a tired body or else I may invite an injury. I have got to become stronger to handle a lot of mileage.


I did a 5k as a recovery run. I felt nice throughout the day. By the way, it seems to have become a habit now to have a bowl of fruits at 1030 hours everyday. I have now been following it since a month. It feels so refreshing and the body seems to say thanks to me.


No run in the morning but did a lot of yoga to open up tight joints. I was planning the weekly long run in the evening but it grew very hot and humid. And I can’t afford to go at night because of the elephant menace. Instead I went for a movie with my wife and kid. The movie sucked, by the way.


I got up at 0200 hours after hitting the bed at 1030 hours. I wrote a detailed report of my long run here. Hope you enjoy it. I couldn’t click any photos because I was too tired for it. I desperately need a GoPro to help me out here. Once I have it, I can assure you of some kick ass action photography and also I intend to make my race – Bhatti Lakes 100k into a documentary. Anybody willing to get one for me from US? I will pay you but I will be happy to receive it as a gift too!

Total weekly mileage = 68k.

I have been foam rolling at night to keep my body from breaking apart. I have not been into this kind of high mileage weeks for a long time. I am paying a lot of attention to food and recovery. But the grey area is the sleep portion as at night I get at max a sleep of 6 hours. But that happens when you have a family to look after. I must say here that my wife is putting up with my constant tiredness with a happy face.

My kid nowadays keeps saying, ‘Papa, don’t run so much or your battery will finish.’

Till then stay fit and keep running.

How are you maintaining a run-life balance?

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