Road to Bhatti Lakes 100k – Week 10

04 May – 09 May 2015

This week went great with me logging my highest mileage till date of 64k. It just feels awesome to write about it but my body is telling an another story. It is tired and my legs feel like lead after today’s morning run. But nevertheless, I had an amazing week of running and I have a few pictures of it too!


It was an official holiday here for Buddha Purnima and I still got up early to go for a 11k run in the area where wild elephants frequent a lot. Look at my dedication! The run was okay. Not great or good because I had started developing a sore throat from some virus and had some shivering and body ache when I got up from the bed and it was quite humid for 0530 hours in the morning. But I roughed it out and slept off after I came back from the run.

Okay, that's a stupid expression!

Okay, that’s a stupid expression!


I ran a 9k today which was also okay. Lately I have not been feeling too great about the runs. Maybe I am overtraining. But I guess these things happen when one is training for an ultra like Bhatti Lakes 100k. After the run, did some body weight exercises and cycled for 6k in the evening.


I did a 10k in the morning in a decent time of 54 minutes. I felt good about this run and ran an effortless pace. The total mileage till now, for the week, is 30k. I was supposed to do the weekly long run today but couldn’t find the time and energy to do it, so I have postponed it till Friday.


A relaxed 5k to recover from the previous runs and get ready for the tomorrows’ 30k.


I didn’t run in the morning because I was planning to do the run in the evening heat. EYE OF THE TIGER! I had a heavy breakfast of eggs, toast with peanut butter and Nutella and some pancakes made from gram flour or besan in Hindi(courtesy my wife). I had a bowl of fruits at around 1100 hours and a light lunch at 1400 hours. I left the house at 1600 hours after telling my wife that she should not wait for me to go to the movies in the evening. She can go on her own. She saw Piku, which she reviewed to be a top class movie.

I wore my super thin and short shorts from Nike and a North Face t-shirt. No, I am not sponsored by them, but I wish I will be someday. And I wore a cap and carried my hydration belt. This belt carries a single bottle of 20 oz capacity. A big mistake to go on a 3 hour run, as per my current 10k time, with just 20 oz of glucose water.

Anyway I ran in the…

It is scary to run here if there is no traffic..

It is scary to run here if there is no traffic..

The farther part of the wild animal corridor, which has these beautiful tea gardens.

The farther part of the wild animal corridor, which has these beautiful tea gardens.

One way till the end of this wild animal corridor is 7k and is a gradual upslope till the end. My aim was to run it twice before sunset because of the wild elephants who come out to search for food at night. Bad idea to get caught in the melee. I ran and ran for next 3 hours and ran scared for an hour in between when I found the sun going down the horizon. I kept looking back to see if any group of elephants were coming out of the jungle. By the end of 26k, my legs were trashed and I was dehydrated. I felt like my soles of the feet had been beaten up by a stick for hours. And remember I just had a 20 oz bottle of glucose water. And didn’t have anything to munch on. Big mistakes on this 30k run. But I was testing myself in terms of water and nutrition.

I could manage just 28-29k in 3 hours 10 minutes and then I decided to head home. Better save the body for next week’s run. But my wife had sadistic plans for me. She took the house keys with her to the movie theatre, which thankfully is 500 metres from our home. I went hobbling to the theatre all sweaty, with people around giving me weird looks. When I reached home, I had a glass of chocolate milk and laid my yoga mat and just collapsed on it. My son, on seeing this remarked in Hindi, said that ‘ Papa, why do you run so much? Now relax!’ He is just 4 years old. I then stretched a bit and put my legs up in the air to drain out the blood from the feet to other areas.

I had a bottle of beer with some food and slept off at 2200 hours.


Next day morning, I woke little sore but was okay. I foam rolled a bit in the morning before going to office.

This week’s total mileage = 64k…phew!

I ordered a hydration pack from WildCraft to sustain myself on the next weeks 35k run and not to make the same mistake again. I will be writing a review on it soon.

I will be measuring the route for next weeks run. I think I will try to make it an out and back run instead of running near my home because after a point of time, the will power gets shaky and the mind and body tells you to head home ASAP. Another issue I will be facing during Bhatti Lakes 100k is that it is a trail race, with no climbing as such, and I am doing all the runs on the roads. It will create problems, I know that, during the race but I am helpless as of now.

And the earthquakes doesn’t seem to stop. It keeps coming and going in installments. And my kid is enjoying all the shaking. He is also now trained to run out of the house at top speed whenever it starts shaking. I hope all stays well.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

Any tips from the experts on use of hydration packs on long runs?

Do you select a route near your home or try to stay away to protect your will power?

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