Road to Bhatti Lakes 100 k – Week 3

I felt the signs of overtraining in this week. By Saturday, I was completely burned out with my body crying for sleep. And last night we went crazy in this local pub and got totally sloshed. This week was interesting in a way that I finally finished the work I went for after two long months and came back to Bagdogra for good, this time. No more shunting back and fro to Gangtok. But I will miss the morning runs in that beautiful place.


It was my fault that I couldn’t get up in the morning even after setting an alarm for 5 AM. Because I was drinking beer last night. It came to my mind when I was drinking like a fish that it will be difficult next day but after one bottle, all caution went in the wind. So, no run and a late night at work ensured I couldn’t get up even next day morning. Enough of these “How to get up early” tips!


So after a late night at work i.e till 0130 hours which means till the morning of Tuesday, it was impossible for me to get up early. So, I didn’t even try to put an alarm and also Monday was the last day of work in Gangtok. I was supposed to leave this place by afternoon but you know the quote “Shit happens“. I didn’t leave for Bagdogra. I was disappointed but then I thought that I won’t be able to squeeze in a run on Wednesday, so I went for a 55 minutes run in the evening in the hills. Today, for the first time I felt what it must be like to run while smoking. The time I went out was the return time for all the tourists from the forward parts of Sikkim. The taxis created a havoc by spewing up all the dust and smoke on the roads. It was crazy but I could get my first run of the week. So far, so good.


No run today. Travelled for 5 hours back to my family early morning. Then attended office and a party in the evening. I looked like a drug addict with black circles under the red eyes. It was crazy. Life sucks sometimes!


Waking up in the morning was quite a task as I was dead tired last day and haven’t recovered properly. Nevertheles, today was my long run day. 1 hour and 30 minutes. Go Neel go! It was warm and humid. What a change of place! I ran tired throughout. The run sucked, the weather sucked, my body cried for sleep. Finished the run somehow and had a cold glass of milk and few toast with peanut butter and a single fry egg. Nutrition is going to be my key for proper recovery. The whole day after that was pretty busy so I couldn’t recover well. Wore compression socks throughout the time I was home. I was tired.


Friday morning did a local 5k race. I was still tired from last 2-3 days but ran an okay timing. I felt nice to run fast on a flat route after running in the hills for last 2 months. The rest of the day was more or less uneventful, though I tried to focus on having proper nutrition and recovery.


Last day of the week seemed to have come after ages. The tiredness was there when I got up this morning. Went for a slow 50 minutes run and felt so unmotivated to run. I thought of bringing my phone on the run to click some pictures for you all there but forgot. The picture below is the same place I went for a run but was taken when I went for a drive on this route last year.

I just love this road. It is not so green now but will be once rains start.

I just love this road. It is not so green now but will be once rains start.

Total run time this week = 220 minutes or little more than 3 hours 30 minutes. The total time was lesser than last week(because of the busy week) but the weekly long run was longer. And I couldn’t fit in a single day of weight training but did some push ups, sit ups and vertical rope climbing.

The week 3 was a mess. Week 4 is going to be a low mileage week to aid recovery and avoid burn out. Again the key will be to eat well and avoid injury. I will have to make plans to fit in excess time spent on running and being tired and good for nothing. The wife has to be kept happy. I am also going home to Gurgaon for around 10 days in the month end. I will have to fit some running during that time also. Lots of challenges ahead. Its going to be fun. Bring it on life!

Anybody training out there for a race? How is it going?

How do you maintain a balance between life and running?

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