Road to Bhatti Lakes 100 k – Week 2

This week from 09 Mar – 14 Mar 15 went well as I could run almost the whole week. Next week I am going back to the plains of Bagdogra. I must tell that this time in the mountains have done a great deal in boosting my strength and endurance, though I will need to work on my speed once I am down in plains.


As per training plan, I went for a 50 minutes run with some of my colleagues. Easy jog at a conversational pace. The weather was nice, warm and humid. Covered around 8 k. Actually I came down to Bagdogra for a couple of days so went for a run in the morning. The temperature difference is immense.


Went for a 30 minutes run. Easy and hardly broke a sweat but had a slight body ache throughout the day. It maybe because of change of place and temperature. Overall I felt weird and lazy today.


Went back to Gangtok in the morning. No run today.


Long run day. Went for a 1 hour and 20 minutes trot with my running partner. While coming back, I remarked that the route seemed long. The quads and knees took a solid beating. It was all downhill. But the bright side to it is that the body becomes resilient and tough.


A 35 minutes recovery run but I realised that one cannot recover in the mountains because of the uphill or downhill. Did my session of 20 minutes of weight training.


Today's morning light. Beautiful. I will miss running in this place.

Today’s morning light. Beautiful. I will miss running in this place.

Last day of the week and a 50 minutes run. Nice and relaxed run. While running, myself and my partner made plans for the night  for hitting the pubs of Gangtok tonight.

Total time spent running this week – 245 minutes or little over 4 hours.

I guess next week I should be back in Bagdogra with my family. It is been a long time I am away from them. But I am going to miss the hilly roads and pristine beauty of Sikkim.

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