How To Remove Side Stitches While Running

remove side stitch

Runners keep getting injured. That’s the side effect of this obsessive sport. While running, getting a side stitch – a sharp pain, generally, on the left side of abdomen, is a very irritating problem. Though a minor issue but it can seriously reduce your speed or even get you down to walking.

Causes of side stitch

Exact cause of a side stitch is not known but according to some researchers it can be caused due to fatigue of the diaphragm leading to spasm. There can be a number of reasons for its occurrence like –

1.  Weak core.

2.  Generally happens to beginner runners.

3.  Eating a heavy meal immediately before running.

How to remove side stitches while running?

Getting rid of this problem is not a problem. See the tips below to remove side stitch while running.

1.  Eat atleast an hour or two prior to running to give time for digestion. Also avoid eating a very heavy meal of fibre, fats and sugary products. They have been seen to induce side stitches while running.

2.  Warm-up properly. Warm up is as such a essential component of a running routine. Apart from reducing chances of running injuries, a proper warm up will reduce occurrence of this problem also.

3.  Forcefully breath out through nose using stomach i.e force the diaphragm down, as in kapalbhati, a yogic procedure of forcefully exhaling to improve metabolism and strengthen inner stomach muscles . This technique works for me almost every time.

4.  Close the fist of the hand, opposite to the side of stomach ache, keeping the thumb in between. I have used this technique a lot and seems to work for me.

5.  Slow down a bit and gently rub the area of stitch with fingers. It helps in releasing any tension in the area of pain.

6.  Try and change the breathing pattern. For eg. if you are breathing out on every right foot, then try to change it to left foot. It is said to reduce the pressure from the liver.

7.  Slow down and take deep controlled breaths. Deep breaths will allow to relax the diaphragm.

8.  Try to maintain a good running posture and avoid hunching while running. That’s why side stitch generally happens to beginners.

9.  Wear a scarf or a neck warmer during winters as breathing cold air may also induce side stitch.

10. Work on strengthening the core. A strong will be able to shield you from many nicks and pains.

So here we go. Side stitch is not a major issue. Follow the tips mentioned above. What worked for me may not work for you but surely one of 10 tips will work.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

What methods do you use to remove side stitch while running?

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