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80 10 10

Week 6  of ultra marathon training was fantastic. And I received the long awaited book by Dr Douglas Graham – 80 10 10 Diet. I am very excited to read it.

This week, I could stick to my training plan to the ‘T’ and felt wonderful. So, here is a quick run down of how my week 6 training went.

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Monday morning I did a easy 7 km run, which was followed by planks, glute bridge and some more core work. Idea was to get my body in motion for the next day’s hard effort.

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I have started getting up very early in the mornings to escape the heat. My usual alarm is set at 3:45 AM. Seems insane but that is the logical way to get the run in nowadays!


I am getting so pumped nowadays to run fast after having the easy days. The body responds in a much better way. I ran easy till the turn around point and then picked up pace for the rest of the distance.

I saw an interview of Hrithik Roshan, Bollywood superstar, where he was asked about the choice of his workout music. He said that he listens to slow music to do his reps slowly. It helps in getting more out of the workout. Here is the video. He talks about the music at 2:30.


It was a public holiday for some reason so I thought of exploring the city a bit. You can watch some of it in the video at the end of the post. I rode a distance of approximately 10 km.

The bike ride on Wednesdays are a relief for the body and mind from all the running. I don’t push myself on the rides but take it very easy. It rained yesterday in Gwalior which made the sky so beautiful today morning.


Today was a hard day of run and weights. And I did some hill repeats at the trail I went to last week. The sun was gorgeous today as well. You can check out the footage of the run in the video down below.

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I drove and parked my car around 3 km away from the trail to do the repeats. I did a 3 x 3 minutes repeat. They were hard considering the fact that I am still overweight and started doing hills since last week itself.


A slow shuffle of 6 km done with ego and pride in the back pocket. Easy days are very much a big part of the training so as to get the body ready for next day’s hard effort.

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I got up at 3:45 AM and was out of the door by 4:30 AM. This is some dedication! The run for most of the distance was very easy and relaxed except I picked up on some random kilometers.

It was very warm too. I went without water and checked my body weight after the run. I lost close to 2 litres of fluids in the run. After the run I could only manage some core work, bench press and deadlifts. I have hurt my right elbow. Most probably a Tennis elbow because of the slow rep technique of Hrithik Roshan. Damn him! Hahaha…

Total mileage of the week : 7 + 9 + 8 + 6 +16 = 46 km, 10 km cycling, 3 sessions of weight training.

That’s how my week of ultra marathon training went. The video below depicts the week in a much better way. Hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

If you liked what you saw, then please subscribe to my channel.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

Which book are you reading currently?

How do you do your hill repeats?

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