Top 45 Reasons to Start Running

reasons to run

You think you can escape the running bug. I am not going to let you off so easily. I am going to tell you reasons after reasons to convince you to start running till you actually start doing it. Let’s start then.

1.  Running is healthy. Science has proved it.

2.  Helps lose weight. But if you eat too much, then you may want to read this.

3.  Delays ageing and osteoporosis.

4.  Less visits to Doctor. You may have running injuries if you don’t follow a proper graduated program.

5.  You have a valid excuse to eat junk(though it is still not healthy).

6.  Improves concentration at work.

7.  Maintain energy level throughout the day.

8.  Will make you less cranky.

9.  Become ideals for your kids.

10.  You get official rights to brag about it.

11.  It is easy and hassle free. Just wear your shoes and head out of the door.

12.  Stress buster.

13.  Helps maintain normal blood pressure and pulse rate. Mine is in early 40s during peak training phase.

14.  Eat more carbs. Running makes it legitimate.

15.  Make new friends when you join a running group.

16.  I love beer. Drink it without guilt if you run.

17.  Save money by running to work.

18.  Beat Dementia and Alzeihmer.

19.  The dog also gets his due exercise.

20.  Slows down the pace of life.

21.  Meditate while running. Just don’t crash somewhere or fall in a ditch.

22.  Beats insomnia.

23.  Great way for sight seeing a new place.

24.  Will make you confident.

25.  Keep respiratory infections like cold, cough sneezing etc at bay. However, it may happen if you overtrain.

26.  Improve stamina and endurance.

27.  Will help inspire others to get active.

29.  Spend quality time with your partner on the road or trail.

30.  It’s a anytime, any weather activity.

31.  You can do it indoors too, on a treadmill.

32.  Get addicted to runners high through release of feel good hormones called endorphin.

33.  Get a chance to do charity by running races for a cause.

34.  Flaunt the medals. Get a cool hanger for that.

35.  Boast about that latest half marathon, marathon 50 mile or 100 mile race on the weekend, at your office. Trust me you will be placed next to god in non runners’ eye.

36.  Get active in bed. Runners have been found to be more active sexually than non runners.

37.  Kick off that butt. Running will help tide over bad addictions.

38.  Excuse for a full body massage. You have earned it.

39.  Pregnant women have benefited from regular non strenuous running. You got Paula Radcliffe and Kara Goucher as live examples.

40.  Age is not a binding factor to start running. But do start slow and build up gradually.

41.  Reduce chances of breast cancer in women.

42.  Get a drool worthy core.

43.  Will help fit in that skinny jeans.

44.  Do something adventurous for once in your life.

45.  If you are suffering from chronic constipation, nothing can move your bowels faster than this activity.

Phew, what a list. If have some more reasons do add in the comments section.

Running is awesome. Just do it, with swoosh! You will love it.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

What are your reasons to run?

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