Rain Run

rain run

This is an old post from my previous blog, about a couple of year old. Now as the monsoons are about to reach the other parts of the country (bdw monsoons, you are late this time!), I thought of sharing this post.

It is raining in Hyderabad. And it is a beautiful city, if one is out on the streets, running. That’s what I did today morning and got inspired to write this post immediately on reaching home. So, here I am writing after my 10 minutes warm up, 40 minutes run, 20 minutes cooling down cum yoga and meditation and icing my legs.

Yesterday, in fact today morning at 0300 hours, my wife woke me up(she is a nocturnal animal) and told me that she is going to make me cheese sandwich for breakfast. She gets inspired once in a while. I smiled and felt happy and again dozed off. Then I got up an hour and a half later for my morning run. At 0500 hours, after getting ready, I found it was raining. I grumbled and cursed the rain. I then sat down in front of the laptop and started wasting time on FACEBOOK. Then I remembered that my wife had promised me the CHEESE SANDWICH which I needed to  earn in my own terms(I guess that motivated me enough). So, I decided to hit the road in the rain.

Now about my routine of today’s run.

1.  Every Saturday is my weekly long run i.e today, it was 10 km.

2.  I took out my Adidas water proof wind-cheater as I did not want to catch cold due to the wind and also did not want to soak till my bones.

3.  I did a 10 minute warm up to include 10 Suryanamaskars, 15 walking lunges per leg and 50 skip jumps.

4.  Started of at slow pace to ease off the stiffness, gradually picking up pace and settling down.

5.  Climbed a flyover at a faster pace and jogged down the other side to regain breath and again climbed back with the same pace and jogged down.

6.  Last 5 minutes of the run at a gentle pace to start cooling down.

7.  Reached home totally drenched. However, before entering the house, did some walking lunges, squats, stair stepper and skipping on the spot.

8.  Took out my shoes before entering and scared Polki.

She looks ferocious but is scared of a cockroach...

She looks ferocious but is scared of a cockroach…

9.  After changing into dry clothes, did yoga for 10 minutes to stretch my hamstrings, quads, calves and lower back. Finished off the session with kapalbhati and meditation while listening to falling rain drops.

Few things I observed while running in rain today-

1.  The world looked so peaceful and beautiful when it’s wet with rain.

2.  Hardly any traffic on the roads, so felt as if I owned the roads.

3.  Saw stray dogs under the shelter of trees.

4.  Saw humans also under the shelter of trees.

5.  Saw a crowd at a local tea stall devouring their favourite hot cuppa. Felt like joining them.

6.  People were staring at me with amazed look as if I have gone crazy to run in rain.

7.  There were only few oldies on a walk with an umbrella and a cross-country team whizzing past me.





In the end, few things to remember while running in the rain.

1.  Always try and avoid wind atleast. Wear an wind-cheater.

2.  Do a proper warm up indoors as cold temperature, outside, can cause injury to cold muscles.

3.  Keep an open eye on the vehicular traffic as it is slippery on the road. Preferably, run on the wrong side of the road to keep a check on the oncoming traffic.

4.  Never stop for long during the run to avoid cramps.

5.  Be wary of the slippery patches on the road.

6.  Wear some sort of reflective clothing for the motorist to spot you in low visibility conditions.

7.  After reaching home. take extra care to do cooling down and drying yourself properly. And don’t mess up the house with wet and dirty shoe marks. Your wife is going to be very annoyed.

I guess, that’s it for now. I am really happy that I didn’t miss my run and am going to get a Cheese sandwich for that. Remember, come hail, storm or rain, never postpone your workout. You might get a cheese sandwich. You will always  feel  better after a hard workout.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

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