I Am Not Running La Ultra – The High 2016

Retired for the time being...

Retired for the time being…

Shit happens. I believe in this “Forrest Gump” movie statement a lot. I am not running La Ultra – The High 2016, a race I have been dreaming to run for past couple of years. This race is on invitation basis wherein one has to fill an application, which is then scrutinized by the race organisers and accordingly one is selected to run this “cruelest race”on earth. They have a tough list of criteria to fill in.

My invitation mail

My invitation mail

Well, I got invited and I paid the registration money of Rs 19,500. Running ultra are costly. I was running the 111 km race category. I made my training plan and was deep in two and half months of training. I was running well and slowly progressing my fitness levels. I did weekly hilly runs near my place, in the hills of Mirik(watch my video below), apart from the weekly long runs. I was also doing 2-3 weight room sessions a week and cycling almost every alternate days.

I was worried about my weight so I decided it was time to lose some lard to be a tad faster on the mountains. I joined the paid version of this app called Healthyfy Me, where I was in consultation with a nutritionist who monitored my weight and gave me a diet plan and all. She also made understand the basics of nutrition. I will probably write a review on this app later. The best part of this app is that they have an inventory of Indian foods, so it super easy to log food, which is one of the best ways to lose weight. I have now switched to the free version but reaping the benefits of recording my food. I also bought this book by Matt Fitzgerald, Racing Weight, to better understand the nuances of nutrition. I have finished reading it and will post the review soon. In last 3 months or so, I have lost around 4kgs, all thanks to monitoring my food and eating healthily. I was putting in a lot of quality work.

I was excited and at the same time nervous about the race because firstly of the fact that it was in a high altitude area and secondly about meeting the cut off limits. Good runners in previous editions of the race had failed to meet even the first cut off. So, the nervousness added to the excitement and the feeling of an adventure waiting for me round the corner.

Now, here comes the twist. I was supposed to move out of the current place i.e Bagdogra in a couple of weeks, as in a change in job location, to a place from where I could come for the race without any difficulties. But as I said above “SHIT HAPPENS”, I am going to a place from where I won’t be able to make it for the race, let alone train for it. So, this sudden change in plans made me decide against running the race. Yes, I could have struggled to make things happen but the struggle was not worth. I had my reasons though.

I messaged the organisers of La Ultra about the decision. They expressed their concern and gave me a call to sort out the issue. I gave it a thought for one more day and decided to stick with the decision. I am quite perturbed with the whole thing but I have to deal with it. And there is always a next time. I am getting my refund back with 15% deduction(as per the policy) and thank god, I called off before 15th May or else my registration money would not have seen me struggling on the mighty Himalayas.

Not related to the heading of this post, below is a latest YouTube video I made. Hope you all enjoy it.

So, that’s all for now. I can’t tell you the place where I am going to, but you will be seeing some photographs on my Instagram feed. Please follow it for some cool shots.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

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