My New Year Resolutions

With the rising sun in the new year, which incidentally I didn’t see as I was hung over from the last nights party, I started thinking about the past and future. Past – I had been a bad boy as I didn’t write a post in last 6 months and gained weight and drank tons of beer by the time year came to a finish. Future – I couldn’t foresee my future events but one thing I realised that I need to be a better human being this year.

After this kind of a hung over introspection, I decided to make some goals for the year. I also thought of keeping it simple to follow and easy to hang on to. So here goes my list of resolutions.

1. Run regularly

I didn’t write ‘run more’ on a purpose. The purpose is that I want to run consistently throughout the year and create a huge aerobic base to run comfortably the ultras which is also in my resolutions. Running more has a different connotation and may and surely lead to injuries.

Last year due to some professional commitments at the end of year and also shifting to a new place, I somewhat neglected my running. It was necessary to save some energy during these busy times to give adequate attention to the Boss and the Wife, lest they start cringing on seeing my tired face.

2. Eat more veggies

Well, last year I got operated for fissures. I suffered this embarrassing and most painful medical issue for more than 6 months and then decided to leave my fate in the hands of a qualified Surgeon. The core issue to this problem was not eating enough fibre. So, this year I am going to take concious steps towards eating more fruits and vegetables and avoid junk food to keep my southern regions happy and regulate a healthy weight.

3. Run an ultra

This transition decision from running a marathon to an ultra is inevitable, I guess. We,humans are always in want for more. So, the decision to run extra miles after 26.2 is natural. I am looking forward to run in Bhatti Lakes Ultra in October. I have been following this race for last 3 years as the location is quite convenient and is organised very professionally. Plus they give a beautiful medal!!

So, to run this race without much difficulty, I have to follow Resolution number 1 religiously. Without a huge base, I will be more prone to injuries and may not enjoy this longish run. More on the preparation in later posts.

4. Buy a GoProimages

Guys, especially, are in love with gadgets. Recently I have fallen in love with this piece of equipment and am meaning to buy it as soon as possible. This piece of awesome technology is a action camera which can fit in thee palm of the hand, light weight, rugged, waterproof, dust-proof and has a very high shutter speed and high fps, which makes it a amazing action camera.

I am planning to use it during my runs, bicycle rides, scuba dives and will be used by my lovely wife for taking selfies!!! The photos will bring out a totally different perspective to all these activities and will share them on this blog with all of you. It is a sort of investment in this little blog of mine.

By the way, I have decided to buy GoPro Hero, the entry level camera as it suits my pocket and requirements and plus I can buy a lot of attachments too as the camera is cheap, only $129. I am not buying from Indian Online shopping websites as it is costly there. I will have to request someone coming from US or UK to bring me one to save shipping charges and other taxes. And I will be more than happy if somebody can gift it to me as a donation!!!

5. Save money for next years Europe trip

This is my plan for life, to travel the world. However, I had thought of visiting neighbouring countries but on my wife’s insistence, we have decided to go to Europe. Where in Europe and when, is yet to be finalised. But money is the biggest contention. So, this year I am going to save some serious money and cut down on lavish and unnecessary expenses.

We will be leaving our kid at home with parents to enjoy a backpacking trip. Also, we need to get our passports ready!

6. Start Working on my Book

I have been meaning to write a book for sometime now. I have written few stories but they are half finished(being optimistic here!). No, the book is not on running but a collection of short stories. But I have been lazy and have read this article maybe hundred times to gain inspiration. This year I will start taking steps to get over my lazy attitude. Atleast get a first draft ready by the year end.

I hope to stick to these as best as possible. At the end of the day, the resolutions are just a path to keep us focused towards moving towards our goals. A conscious decision in making our lives better by moving ahead. Till then stay fit and keep running.

What are your goals for the new year? Or do you believe in making them at the new year?

Anybody with a GoPro? Views please?

Can somebody chart out an itinerary for Europe trip with a backpackers budget?

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Author: Neel

I am Neel and the creator of borN. I am an ultra marathoner, scuba diver, adventurer, writer and father of an extremely active child.

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