Why I Lost 5 Kgs in a Month

Before I lost 5 kgs in a month


Psst…I have got this embarrassing health issue because of which I lost 5 kgs in a month. The problem is pretty ugly and a very painful. I have developed an acute case of fissures. For those who don’t know what a fissure is – it is tear or an ulcer formed in the anal tract due to excess straining while pooping, excessive diarrhea, or during childbirth. It is very common in children and young people. Well, to put it straight and give you a clear picture of the problem – it is like shitting broken glass.

After I lost 5 kgs in a month

After(check out the jeans)

I was 81, solid, kgs before this thing started. Now I have reached 76 kgs. That too in a month’s time. My weight loss is a side effect of recovering from this ailment. To recover from this problem the doctor advised me to have lot of fibre, water and basically change my lifestyle. So this post is about what I did to change my food habits to avoid the painful encounters on the throne of my loo, which subsequently lead to loss of body weight.

1.  I stopped having junk food. No burgers, pizzas, pastries, cookies, biscuits, noodles, any Indian road side food etc.

I, now, am scared of eating any food which has excess oil, flour, sugar and which can cause constipation. Anything coming out of a sealed packet is a big no-no for me.

2.  I stopped having any kind of cola. In case I am out and my wife is getting a high on the road side food, I take a fresh fruit juice with no sugar.

3.  I keep a bottle of water and a piece of fruit with me all the time, whenever I am out of home or going to the office. No binging when I am hungry in between meals. A fruit, now does the trick for me.

The fruits I am having nowadays are –

–  Guava – in morning(as a mid morning snack) and evening.

–  Orange – in morning and evening.

–  Papaya – at night before dinner.

4.  I have a sweet tooth. But I can’t devour the Indian sweets or ice creams or cakes etc now. So I have raisins whenever I have the urge. Raisins has got fibre and tons of other nutritional benefits. I do also sometime eat a cube of dark chocolate.

5.  I am drinking tons of water throughout the day and that means frequent trips to the loo.

6.  I loved veggies but now having them more consciously. Lunch and dinner at least has one vegetable. Also now I have developed a taste for salads. Never knew they taste so nice, if made well.

7.  I have reduced my consumption of animal meat to almost nil. Though I enjoy a piece of fish now and then, that too in the afternoon.

8.  I am having a small bowl of curd after meals to aid digestion and Kayam Churn before dinner.

9.  No milk tea for me nowadays as it causes bloating. I have now started with green tea in the morning.

10. I am eating wheat products and avoiding rice. I realised few days back that rice is causing constipation. I, later, googled and found out that wheat has got more fibre than rice. So , I was right about rice.

11.  Giving up alcohol was depressing but am staying away from it as it causes dehydration and leads to constipation.

11.  Because of fissures, I had to stop running for the time being, giving me time to build up this blog. Though I am brisk walking on better days for 30 minutes or so. Also, during the day I am doing few sets of squats, push ups, ab crunches and kapalbhati.

So, this problem came as a sort of boon and bane for me. Boon in form of weight loss and time to build up my blog. Bane because it is painful and I have to stop running for few months to help faster recovery.

Though a point to mention at the end is that I am not feeling weak because of this fruit and vegetable based diet and in fact feeling great and fresh. Also I plan to continue it even after recovery. My wife, since a long time, has been harping upon cleaning up my diet. Now, I guess nature has it’s own way of giving a kick in the backside, literally. If you want to drop those unwanted kilos, then go on fruits and veggies for a month and see the difference.

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