I Registered For A 100 Km Ultra


Sorry for posting this post in the middle of the week. It’s late.

This was the DOWN week so it was fun to just run for fun! I have now finished my Base Phase 2 of training. Here’s a recap.


A easy 5 km with ego in the back pocket. I had bit too many drinks on the weekend and was feeling the effect till now. I got to go easy next weekend.

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A 7 km run with last 3 km moderately fast and few strides of 20 seconds. After the run, I did a couple of sets of bench press, squats and some glute and core work. I felt fantastic.

I registered for the first 100 km ultra marathon for the year. It is Bhatti Lakes Ultra.

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I cycled for 10 km. Bdw it rained a bit last night. I guess whenever I say on video that it’s not raining here in Gwalior, then somehow it always rains at night.

I received a confirmation mail from the Race Director conveying my acceptance for the race. I am so pumped and freaking the hell out! Check out the video at the end of post for the reasons why I am freaking out.

Race website – Globeracers


A 10 km run with climbing up and down a longish flyover for 2 times each. It was fun especially when you do it alongwith inhaling the fumes of the vehicles going next to you. Disgusting!

Thereafter, I did some weight training, glute and core work at home. I am feeling stronger everyday but I still have to up my base speed. I have, though, allotted a month of speed training later.


An easy 6 km to flush out the lactic acid. And finally it rained here in Gwalior. But it came along with a storm which uprooted a lot of trees and hence, power failure for the rest of the night and next day too.

With hopes of no run next day, I geared up to fight the losing battle against the heat and failing inverter. I lost the fight though. We slept like homeless in our home by placing thin mats on the floor from where some kind of air was passing through.


No run and I was sleep deprived with few mosquito bite marks on my legs. Luckily the electricity came back before bed time, which ensured a good night sleep.


I woke up tired with traces from Friday’s misadventure with electricity. However, I went for a 13 km. I found that running on a Sunday is better because the roads are empty till late. I am much safer than running on other days.

This week’s mileage – 5 + 7 + 10 + 6 + 13 = 41 km, 10 km cycling.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

Do you have a goal race this year?

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