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Some wisdom..

Some wisdom..

Well, I am not not blogging nowadays. I am lazy but not that kind of lazy, who is just lying around and doing nothing. I am vlogging nowadays! My blog here is mainly for written content but I have found a new love in documenting things on a camera. Read GoPro Hero 4 Silver for camera here. I have to find my mojo back for writing.

Anyways, my training for La Ultra – 111km is going on fine as per my training plan, with some minor variations here and there. Now, La Ultra is a high altitude race with some strict cut off times. The whole race is about doing one part of the route climbing from 10,000 feet to 18,000 feet in around 60km and doing the rest of the distance till 10,000 feet again. So, I need to have some solid climbing and downhill workouts in my kitty. The mountains demand strong calves, hips, quads and hamstrings and bbbiiigggg lungs.

So, that’s why I went out towards Mirik from Bagdogra to run some hills as my weekly long run. I did a 21.3 km with an average pace of some 8 minutes per km with an elevation gain of approximately 1800 feet(I errorneouly said 3000 feet in the video).

The run was good apart from the fact that it really opened my eyes as to what I should expect when I will be running in Leh i.e at 10,000 feet. Here I was just above the sea level and I had a tough time running up the hilly roads. However, I know that with practice, I will be able to do the run in Leh. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

After a while, running upslope was kind of manageable. We stuck to walk – run concept, focusing on moving forward continuously. We tried a new energy gel made by Unived, an Indian company. It tasted nice and gave a good energy jolt to the system. I am stepping over from GU gels to this brand. And they are cheaper too. Anyway, we wasted some time shooting for the vlog, but I guess it doesn’t harm having some fun on the way.


Coming downhill felt much tougher than we imagined. The knees and quads took a solid beating but it is a step towards getting stronger. We break and destroy the muscle to make it more stronger and resilient next time. By the time, we started coming down, it became warm but we were running downhill, so it was bearable.

The scenic beauty was just amazing. I was really grateful to be able to run in this location. The tea gardens, the mighty hills and the cool morning breeze were inspiring to push our bodies harder and farther than our potential. There were few dogs who gave us company throughout the way up and down. I guess, they also must have had some fun running with us and chasing some monkeys. We were sore the next 3 days after this run but it was a good kind of a soreness.

No Hunting...

No Hunting…

Running to be in the shot..

Running to be in the shot..


At the hindsight, I realised that I should have done a shorter run when I was running it the first time but it’s okay, I guess. An experience in itself. Now, I am hitting these hills once a week and doing about 5km up and 5km down. I feel much stronger now and can run all the way up.

Three stooges...

Three stooges…

Hope you all like my new YouTube video. Make sure to subscribe to it. Please let me know what you feel is missing from the video. I am on a learning mode nowadays.

Till the stay fit and keep running.

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