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get back in shape in 3 weeks A friend of mine, Rohit, has one thing in common with me – we both are fitness freaks. I love running but he is into weight training and yoga(what a combo). He recently has revamped his life. He has done courses of meditation from Brahma Kumaris and can sit still for atleast an hour. He recently attended an instructor course on Pilates in Mumbai. He has become a vegetarian and changed his food habits entirely. One day while discussing his workout routine on the phone, he told me about his diet which I found very interesting and thought of sharing with all of you.

The essence of his schedule is to eat every two hours and never be hungry. He is constantly firing up his engine – read metabolism with small amounts of food.  This diet will, I think, get back you in shape within 3 weeks. Here it goes.

S No Time Meal
1. 0530 01 apple + 07 almonds(soaked at night)
2. 0730 Breakfast
Poha/Upma(10-14 spoons)
– 04 spoon yoghurt
– 01 spoon peanut butter
– 01 capsule revital(multi vitamin)
3. 0830 01 cup green tea w/o sugar
4. 0930 01 slice brown bread with cheese spread or honey
5. 1130 01 cup fresh papaya and pomegranate or any seasonal fruit
6. 1330 Lunch
– 1 to 2 roti (type of Indian bread)
– 01 cup dal
– 08 spoon fresh vegetable + 04 spoon yoghurt
– Salad – cucumber, carrot, lettuce/cabbage
7. 1430 01 cup Green tea w/o sugar
8. 1530 01 glass fresh coconut water + 2 digestive biscuits
9. 1730 01 granola bar or whey protien
10. 1900 Dinner
– 01 roti
– 01 cup dal or pulses
– 08 spoon fresh veg
– Salad(tomato + cucumber)
11. 2015 Milk 200ml

He mailed me this menu on request later that day. I found this to be a pretty balanced diet with all essential nutrients figuring out clearly. Though you are practically eating throughout the day but in the bargain you are able to fire up the metabolism and lose weight. My friend is not a nutritionist but he got this chart from his sister who is consulting a nutritionist. My friend just tweaked it a bit according to his needs of weight training.

I have, in past, tried eating small meals every 2 – 3 hours and found it to be helpful in losing weight. Along with the diet he also prescribed few guidelines like-

  • Chew food properly.
  • Don’t go to bed before 2130 hours(I don’t know the reason).
  • Exercise in morning and evening.
  • Don’t skip any meal(stick to timings).
  • Food to be cooked in olive oil.
  • Do not use table salt.
  • Do not add salt to salad(instead use rock salt).
  • Meditate half an hour in morning.

I think this diet will be quite helpful for moderately active people in getting back to shape and losing weight or even for people in sedentary jobs. You will have to figure out ways and means to eat throughout the day. Also you can increase or decrease the items according to your activity levels.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

What do you think of the diet? I think it will be pretty effective.

Have you ever tried eating every 2 hours? Did you find it helpful?

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