Create A Big Dream And Go For It

This is what I had written yesterday to all my email subscribers. Just a random thought of inspiration. Then while running today I thought of sharing it on the blog as a post. Hope it makes sense! Do comment below.

Hello there,

Weekend is coming! I like how it sounds like “Winter is coming” from the Game of Thrones. So, thinking about that weekly long run, huh? Do it, as I told you in the previous newsletter. It helps achieving your running goals. I am going for mine tomorrow morning.

Anyways, the issue I want to discuss here is DREAMS!

create a big dream and go for it

How big are your dreams? What are your dreams? Do they keep you on toes? Are they lingering in your mind even when you are in conversation with your spouse, boss, friend? Does it keep you awake at night?

If yes, then what are you doing about it? I hope you have written them down somewhere you can see them frequently. Like I have mine written in bold in front of my desk from where I am writing this mail to you. Studies have shown that a person is more likely to achieve his/her dreams when he/she has written them down at a place they can see it, daily. It can be on a big white board in study, or sticky notes on fridge, bathroom mirror, weighing machine. Wherever, just be creative!

create a big dream and go for it


If no, then create a big dream and go for it. Life is too short to not to have a big dream. The dreams make us alive and kicking, otherwise we are just like animals who try and survive each day. Dream will make you a better person and you will explore yourself so much more. You will definitely surprise yourself in the process of achieving your dreams. Trust me on that!

There is no easy way of achieving dreams and there is no shortcut. If somebody tries to sell you that, then it’s a scam! Achieving your dream is a lot of hard work and hustle. No other way!

I too have many dreams. But the short term one is to run UTMB 2018 and for that I have to run two 100 km races this year. I cannot say that I will achieve that dream but I know for sure that it will be one kick ass journey I have ever been on.

So, do dream big. If you fail, I guarantee that you will be a better version of yourself and if you succeed, then well…

Till then stay fit and keep running.


Mail me and tell me your dreams. And what are you doing about it?

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