Beer And Ultramarathon


beer and ultramarathon

I love beer! And I love running! Almost any ultrarunner will say this. Ultra marathon is someway synonymous to beer, right?

I used to be a whisky drinker some years before I dove into long distance running. The time I was training for my first 100 km race, somehow, organically I will say, became a beer drinker. I don’t know why!

And it was not because of what generally ultrarunners drink! I was attracted to it like a fly to a sweet flower. It still baffles me. However, it was a natural transition from whisky to beer.

People are almost amused when I visit them and they offer their best and costliest Scotch to me, which I refuse with a wave of my hand and draw myself to the cold bottle of beer. Now, a small side note here is that if by any chance beer is made unavailable to me, I then prefer rum, or else I prefer to drink plain water. Call me uptight, if you want!

By the way, when I was contemplating on writing this post, I found some crazy stuff about beer.

Fun facts about beer

1. Chill beer in 2 minutes with ice and salt. Yes, please!

2. Beer is one of the world’s oldest alcoholic drink. We ultrarunners are so deeply rooted to the history of mankind.

3. Two pints of lager beer and a packet of peanuts is the best way to recover from a long distance event. See, that’s why I drink beer. The body knows on it’s own. Reasearch.

4. Do you know that pyramids in Egpyt were made under the influence of beer. Each worker drank four litres of beer everyday. Wow!

5. There is even a name for study of beer. It is called “Zythology”. Quick question : what do we call an ultrarunner who studies beer? An Ultrazythologist!!!

6. People do some crazy things when it comes to beer but no one can beat the 18th century English biologist, John Lubbock who studied the behaviour of beer on drunken ants! I guess the ants were the closest form of an ultra athlete.

7. I have “Cenosillicaphobia“. All right, you can loath me as much as you want but I want my beer glass full at any cost! Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass.

Nutritional value

Now if you want to geek out more about the nutritional value of beer, then click this link. No it’s not spam but the google search result of “nutrition of beer”.

 And if you don’t want to geek out then beer has carbohydrates, sodium, potassium, magnesium and protein. An almost complete package for recovery after a long and hard run.

 My current state of beer drinking

beer and ultramarathon

Clearly not comfortable in the moment, while sipping my nectar, with the camera on my face!

I don’t drink during weekdays unless I am not in training. I am very disciplined in that ways. Actually why I don’t drink on weekdays is because then I can’t wake up early next morning for runs as per plan. I am a stickler of routine and try to follow it to the “T”.

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Beer drinking happens only on weekends and only after I get over with my long run of the week. It is a reward for me. That is why I generally avoid socializing on weekdays. And now you know when to invite me for a beer party!

By the time the week is coming to an end, my excitement for beer is as high as the excitement to run the long run on Saturday. The pulse rate is high, the eyes and hands get fidgety and the mouth goes dry. By the way, don’t take me as a drunkard! It’s just a way of expressing the wait for the ultimate drink.

After the weekend long run, the body and mind are dehydrated. The body doesn’t want to sleep because of such an effort, so the chilled beer comes to the rescue. Also, it numbs the pain better than a painkiller(research).

The cold beer, when from the mouth, it travels down your throat, the whole body and mind seems to be thanking you for this wonderful gift. The feeling is extraordinary and beyond this world.

After a couple of beers, ultrarunning gains a totally philosophical perspective. It becomes the part of life which brings so much pain and joy. The understanding at the deepest level is brought out by none other than our beloved BEER.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

Which is your favourite beer? Mine is a Budweiser and any wheat beer from a micro brewery.


25 Interesting Beer Facts That Will Leave You Tipsy


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    • Hello Sabyasachi, welcome back to the blog! Beer was a natural transition and is always fun to have. But sadly, we don’t have very many good beers in India except for the ones in micro breweries in metro cities. Glad you liked the post.
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