I Have An Announcement To Make – Week 3

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Week 3

I have an announcement to make. It’s very important for me and for the ones around me. But first let’s look at how my week’s ultramarathon training went by.

Week 3 : 17 – 22 April 2017


The week started with an easy 6 km. The last weekend beers still had it’s effect on me and I didn’t feel that great. Monday blues maybe! I felt a strange shivering of sorts till after the run. But it went away soon after having umpteen cups of coffee and a big breakfast.

I have started feeling a kind of stiffness in the right achilles for last couple of days. I don’t know why? I haven’t done any speed work yet, the mileage is very low. I don’t know why? I walk barefoot in the house, which was getting uncomfortable. Maybe I am too heavy! I am heavy, as a matter of fact. I need to cut down my weight.

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I did a 7 km today. As per the plan, it was supposed to be 4 km easy and 3 km moderately fast but due to the fear of aggravating the achilles, I kept it easy throughout.

I have battled this injury before so I am scared because it’s irritating and will interrupt my training. But I am confident too that I can deal with it.

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I was time strapped today, so did only one set of weight training to failure. Repetitions to failure is hard but very satisfying. Today I was listening to the Rich Roll podcast and he had a guest called Brian Mackinzie on his show.

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In the interview, Brian advocated use of HIIT  in endurance training and how time crunched regular athletes can make use of his program to gain maximum benefits. He advocated use of cross fit to train the deficiencies and improving skill to maximise the training stimulus. It made a lot of sense, however I don’t fully agree with him. Do listen to this interview.


A easy 10 km cycling around the city. It was a warm and windy morning. It’s not even May and going outside is like entering a Sauna. I am just wondering how am I going to cope up with my training in this horrible weather. The only issue is with the long runs in the training plan.

But on the hindsight, I feel it’s going to toughen me up for Bhatti Lakes Ultra, my goal race, as it has hot like furnace conditions.

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Ultra marathon training is hard which if coupled with this unforgiving weather, makes it brutal. I need to start thinking seriously to staying safe on the roads in this heat.

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It was my son’s 6th birthday today so I went for a 7 km run. Actually I went as per the training plan. Runners are insensitive! Anways, the run sucked a lot primarily because I didn’t feel like running and it was already so warm at 5:30 AM. Also I was wary of the achilles issue.

Upon reaching back, I did some weight training and then foam rolled the sore spots in the legs. I felt much better after that.


I was up at 4 AM today to beat the heat. At 5 Am when I moved out, it was a tad better than yesterday. It was bit cooler and windy. A easy 6 km with few strides in the end.

The run felt great. After some planks and glute bridges, I stretched and foam rolled with tears of pain rolling down my puffy cheeks! Foam rolling is painful but worth the pain. I wore my compression socks and shot some B – rolls for this week’s video.

I had bananas and grapes as breakfast today. Slowly starting out on the journey to become vegan and eating raw, as much as possible. So here is my announcement! I plan on becoming a vegan and eat as much raw as possible.

The reasons are a very few.

  1. First and foremost is to lose weight.
  2. Then to manage energy levels in a better way.
  3. Boost immune system. I have a pretty weak one.
  4. Improve recovery time.

It is quite a difficult task especially when I hate to cook. But let’s see how it turns out. Wish me luck and give me some tips. By the way, I ordered for a book named 80/10/10 Diet by Dr Douglas N Graham which is on the same thing I wish to pursue. Gotta learn as much as I can!

The whole issue of turning vegan and eating raw will need a full length post! I will write about it sometime soon.


Long run was 12 km today. It was very windy and warm today. And it was blowing from the opposite direction of my run. Some resistance training!

The run felt good except the last couple of kilometers when I was totally fried from the heat. After run did skipping, weight training and core workouts. And foam rolled and cried tears of blood!

All the foam rolling and wearing the compression socks post Wednesday helped my achilles and tight calves. I am much better now. Next week is a down week, so it’s going to be easy. Some relief!

Total mileage for the week

Running – 38 km.

Cycling – 10 km.

Walk the dog – 4 km

Weight training and core strengthening – 3 sessions.

Here is a short little video of this week’s training. Hope you like it.

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Till then stay fit and keep running.

Are you vegan? If yes, any tips to turn into one and any resources which might help me?

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