Week 7 Was Great

Week 7 of ultra marathon training was great. I could hit almost all the number of kilometres this week. Here’s a brief recap.


I couldn’t wake up in the morning because the previous day we were out till late for shopping. And also due to the current heat wave, it causes a sort of fatigue which inhibits the ability to wake up early.

Early for me is 4 or 4:30 AM because if it is later than this time then it gets too warm and crowded outside on the roads. So I decided to alter my plans for the week. I then decided to do a 8 km run on rest of the days with varying intensities. And a 18 km on Saturday as per the original plan.

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A easy 8 km today. Nothing special. By the way, today I was followed by Dave Scott on Twitter. How awesome is that! It maybe that he followed me by mistake or to sell his stuff but I was stoked, nevertheless. I left him a DM saying thanks.

My Twitter handle – @neelbanerjee200

I then checked his Youtube channel and saw a few quick exercises for glutes. They are super effective. I will do these exercises from now on. Here are the videos.


I generally cycle on Wednesdays but because I didn’t run on Monday, so I ran today as well. I felt great in the morning and did a easy 4 km, followed by a moderately faster 4 km.

The run was followed by a couple of sets of bench press, deadlifts and core work. I am still not able to do dumbell work because of elbow pain.


Today I was supposed to do a 8 km again. I then remembered that this month is the hill work month. I, therefore, decided to do hill work in form of climbing up and down a flyover.

This flyover run added a kilometre and total distance run for today was 9 km. I was quite tired after the effort. I don’t know why! It maybe the heat or accumulated fatigue. I also felt very sleepy throughout the day. I need to catch up on sleep.


I woke up tired today so instead of a 8 km, I did a 6 km. I just barely shuffled during the run. And I slept for an hour after the run. Today I was dreading about the long run for tomorrow. Not a good sign!


I woke up at 3 AM and started running by 4 AM. But after a couple of kilometres into my run, it started pouring. I felt relieved and irritated at the same time. Relieved because it would be less hot and irritated because I didn’t wanted my iPhone to get wet. Anyways, the pour stopped after precisely 30 seconds.

I dragged on somehow throughout the run. I was tired and my feet pained. It is going to get tougher, my mind kept saying. But somewhere within a voice also said that it is just a matter of time that this distance will be a warm up.

I finished the run and did my routine strength training regime. It was a relief that it was the highest mileage week for this month. Next week is a DOWN week.

Total mileage of the week – 8+8+9+6+18 = 49 km.

Here is a short video I made on the books on running I have read till date along with this week’s training update. Hope you enjoy it.

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Till then stay fit and keep running.

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