Vegan Smoothie And Ice Cream Recipe

vegan smoothie

Veganism is the thing! No, it’s not a latest fad but a way of life for a healthy and peaceful life. It is contested very fiercely by non vegans and sometimes turns ugly. However, in this post I am not debating on the topic whether veganism is good or not, but will show you some vegan stuff I am eating nowadays. And it is mouth watering!

In this video, I am showing how I make my breakfast smoothie and my first time experience of making a vegan ice-cream. Also in the video is a recap of last week’s training for this year’s ultramarathon. I think I am able to capture some real lows of my runs. But I was able to hit a decent mileage with a weekly long run of 40 km. I hope you enjoy the video.

I hope the video made some sense. In case, you enjoyed what you saw, then do consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. It would mean a lot.

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Till then stay fit and keep running.

In case, you make the smoothie or the ice-cream, then do DM me on my Instagram profile or message me on my Facebook page and send me a photo. You will find them on the sidebar of the blog, if you are reading it on PC or in the bottom, if you are reading it on mobile. Have fun making them!

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I am Neel and the creator of borN. I am an ultra marathoner, scuba diver, adventurer, writer and father of an extremely active child.

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