Valentine’s Day Gifts for Runners

valentine gifts for runners

It is the same time of the year when after exactly 9 months, Children’s Day is celebrated in India. What a coincidence!

The shops appear red with hearts and goodies hanging here and there luring the lovebirds to buy them. That’s for the normal people i.e those who don’t run.

Runners are a different breed. They require to show love differently. So, here are few ideas which you may like to impress your running partner.

Incase Both are Runners

1.  Go on a run on 13th night till the strike of 12 and have sweaty make out session in some dark corner of your route or once back at home.

2. If you are not into a sweaty thing, then have sex without going out for run but see the first light on 14th together on a run.

3.  Go on a healthy salad date.

4.  Book yourself and your partner for a couple massage sessions. What’s better than to remove those aches and pains while experiencing togetherness.

5.  Rent out a DVD or download a movie on running.

Options are –

1.  Saint Ralph.

2.  Prefontaine.

3.  Running Brave.

4.  Spirit of Marathon.

5.  Running to the Limits.

6.  Ultra Marathon Man.

7.  Running the Sahara.

5. Gift each other a pair of running shoe.

6.  Gift an running accessory that your partner has been eyeing for so long like a foam roller, Heart Rate Monitor, hydration pack or bottle etc.

7.  Enroll in a race together.

8. Gift your partner a book on running.

Options are –

1. Ultra Marathon Man by Dean Karnazes.

2. Eat and Run by Scott Jurek.

3. Once a Runner by John L. Parker, Jr.

4. Lore of Running by Dr Tim Noakes.

5.  Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei by John Stevens.

6.  Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.

7.  The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing by Dr. Philip Maffetone.

8.  Relentless Forward Progress by Bryan Powell.

9.  Running Through the Wall by Neil Jamison.

10.  50-50 Secrets I Learned Running 50 Marathons in 50 Days by Dean Karnazes.

Incase One of You is a Runner

1.  If you are not a runner, then you can consider gifting serial number 5, 6, and 8 mentioned above.

2.  Tell your partner that you are also motivated to start running.

3.  Give him or her a full body massage after his or her run.

4.  Frame your partner’s bib numbers and photos and give him or her a pleasant surprise. Consider decorating a wall with them.

5.  Gift a medal hanger.

I hope my wife reads this post and gets an idea. Anything I have missed? Let me know dear readers. Will include it.

Till the keep loving, stay fit and keep running.

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