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Since the time I have started to run, I am learning a lot of things. I am learning about different kinds of run, recovery techniques, cross training, rehab exercises, nutrition, blogging, SEO, You Tube etc. But nutrition has been a weakest subject because of the effort in its effective implementation.

So, I started reading up a few nutrition books and blog posts but all I got was food names which were not available in India. I mean, the food which I eat needs to be clean, green and full of micro and macro nutrients. Everytime I ate out or a take away, the food was awful in terms of nutrition quotient, though the taste was amazing( I can’t argue on that) but was very unhealthy. Indian food has it’s own charm however, the question of being healthy always remains.

The closet I got to clean food is Subway which is healthy because of all its raw ingredients but I doubt the freshness of the veggies. Plus it becomes very boring and non-attractive without the unhealthy dressing of various types of mayonnaise. One of my childhood friend, Varun Madan, alongwith with his college mate Kunal Gangwani at XLRI Jamshedpur,  started a venture called Salad Days. I visited him last month and did a small video shoot of his place which includes a tour of his kitchen and a short interview. Check it out and do let me know how it was.

Now, after seeing the process of his procurement process, cleanliness of the kitchen, making of salads, smoothies and coldpressed juices on day to day basis convinced me that I will not be going back to Subway when I am in Gurgaon. Making a salad is an art and they have perfected it. There is no other salad business, to my knowledge, which takes their work so seriously.

So, it is a big thumbs up to these guys and for what they are doing. Keep doing this amazing work and may many successes in future be yours. Show some love to them, especially people from Gurgaon and South Delhi.

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Instagram – @saladdaysco

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By the way, I have shot this video using a GoPro Hero 4 Silver. The audio sucks at places but I will get around it eventually. Till then stay fit and keep running.

Do you eat salads and what’s your go to place for salads?

How often do you eat salads?

How was my video? Though a bit amateurish, please point out the mistakes.

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