Running and Blogging

I started blogging sometime in 2012. It was on a free platform then. I had also started running in official events around the same time.

I wanted blogging to provide me with some extra money or pocket money, to be honest! Fast forward to 2017, I now have a blog with a paid domain name and have yet to get my first $100 check from Google. But I am still blogging!

During initial phases of my blogging, I wrote poorly worded and structured articles like My Reasons to Run(I have been mocked on it in the internet, however I would have made some changes, which were very EMBARRASSING, by the time you read it).

However, with time I think I have progressed just a tiny winy bit. One of my articles happened to get published in an online literary magazine. It was indeed a big moment for me.

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But I never told you as to why I love blogging? 

The number one reason to blog was money. I am being candid here! What’s bad in getting a few bucks for writing articles on the thing you love, though I have a full time job.

I researched and researched before starting the blog. I read about how one can make money from a blog, how it is to be designed, how one has to write, what is SEO and blah blah blah.

In fact, I still read a lot about blogging by Darren Rowse and  Neil Patel and listen to podcasts like Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn, Problogger podcast by Darren Rowse and Blogging Your Passion podcast. I am learning something new everyday.

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After trying my hand on blogging on a free platform from Blogspot, I decided to take the big leap of buying a domain name.

The domain name provider and server were a main issue. After much research, I homed on to Bluehost. It is one of the most reliable domain service provider in the market. Thereafter,I had to pick a name. I wrote at least 50 names and came upon the present one.

The logos were designed by my sister-in-law, who is a graphics designer. I purchased a theme for the blog and got cracking.

I had saved a few articles from the old blog, which I thought had some traction, and posted them on this blog as the initial entries. Now after 2 years of blogging and spending $518.14, I have earned $0. But I am still blogging!

Why? Now here comes the love for it! Blogging was the first time I wrote something for the world to read, except when I used to write letters to my parents and girlfriend from my hostel.

running and blogging

While writing about running, I realised that blogging is just simply not documenting my workouts. It has got more elements to it. I fell in love with the whole process of creating something so meaningful and it was a deep and rich experience for me. Where running strips you off all the emotions, blogging at the same time helps you put that feeling or perspective in black and white for others to experience the same.

With the journey of running longer distances and getting injured along the way, I learnt so much about myself. The self expression became something very magical.

I found an inner calling of sharing my knowledge, whatever I had gathered, with all the running enthusiasts. I wanted to inspire and motivate people to take up running as a lifestyle activity.

I am yet not successful and I know that! Blogging takes a lot of dedication, time and patience. I am short on time though. But I am trying.

Last year I was contemplating on taking this blog off the grid because I was not able to do justice to it. But one of my friend dissuaded me from doing that and hence, you are reading this article now. He said all dreams take time to materialise. Don’t give up hope as of yet. The journey is long and hard but that is the beauty of the journey!

Running, I found, is also similar in this way. The training for a race is much more priceless than the race itself. I remember the whole journey of training for my first ultra. I remembered the pain and suffering and sacrifices. That is what made the success of race sweeter.

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With time, now my blogging too has evolved. I have much loftier goals for it as I have for my running. I have taken up to making videos for my YouTube channel now. It is still small but from next week, I will be starting a weekly vlog, in addition to writing on this blog . Do subscribe to my channel.

The vlogs will be about my weekly training and some of my life. I will be starting my training season from next week, for two 100 km races which are lined up for this year. So basically, a sneak peak into an ultrarunners life.

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So, blogging along with running is awesome. If you are a runner, then you must blog. And if you are blogging, then do share your blog url in the comments for others to explore and share your experiences.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

What are your reasons to run and blog?

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I am Neel and the creator of borN. I am an ultra marathoner, scuba diver, adventurer, writer and father of an extremely active child.

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