Road to Bhatti Lakes 100k – Week 9

27 Apr – 02 May 2015

This was my week of highest mileage, since the time I have started my Base Phase, of the training for Bhatti Lakes 100k. I have now entered the mileage increase phase as per my training plan.

It was great week of running, I will say because I gave some good timings and was able to do core work and cross training in form of cycling. Also this week, on 29 Apr, was my wife’s birthday.


This morning I woke up fresh because I didn’t have a crazy weekend of drinking. And I had a local 5 k to run. When the run started I could feel the power and speed which was missing in the previous runs. I clocked a time of 22.30 minutes. Decent, provided I started out with a time of 23.45 minutes just a few weeks back. I aim to touch a time of 20 or sub 20 minutes. To complete the mileage of the day I did a 8 k in the evening. Total – 13 k.


Today I just did a 5 k at a normal pace. Tomorrow is a 25 k weekly long run. By the way did I tell you that I am doing all the long runs mid week so that I have adequate energy and strength on the weekends to party! Run – life balance, you see!

At 12 o’ clock at night, my wife turned a year older.

She shopped for stuff before her b'day, so this just a small surprise of cake, candle and tuberose(her favourite).

She shopped for stuff before her b’day, so this just a small surprise of cake, candle and tuberose(her favourite).

Then the bachelor colleagues came over with a cake, which was smeared on her face later.

Then the bachelor colleagues came over with a cake, which was smeared on her face later.


During the run.

During the run.

I couldn’t run in the morning to do my long run because I couldn’t sleep on time as the bachelors won’t give up drinking for next two hours. So, I became flexible in my plans and did the run in the evening. Before I started from my home, the clouds got menacingly dark which worried me a bit because rains here, once they start, are quite intense with generous amounts of lightning. Not a wise decision to be out that time.

Long way to go before I sleep..

Long way to go before I sleep..

Nevertheless, I braved the elements and it didn’t rain. It, though, became very pleasant. Good for me! I ran for around 2.5 hours and survived on only 3 glasses of sweet and salted lemon water aka Nimbu Pani in Hindi. During the run I saw silhouettes of 3 elephants nearby, looking for food. This place is famous for wild elephants who venture out at night in the local area for food. They are quite dangerous. Bu the local administration is  adept in driving them away.

By the time I finished, it was 2000 hours. I then went home and did some stretching and took a hot water bath. And I screamed in the shower because of a nipple rash!

images (87)

Correction : U cant win an ultra marathon

I wanted to have a drink thereafter, but thought otherwise. I need to run next day morning. If I drink, then I won’t be fresh when I get up in the morning.


I got up at 0430 hours and was sore, but to a tolerable limit. I tested my legs for running when I got down from the bed. I was okay to run a recovery 5k distance. And I did it and felt much better. after the run, I did some core work and foam rolling. I tried to stand throughout the day to avoid the stiffness. There is a study which says that it is better to stand than sit during work. Even Dean Karnazes follows this. And he should be right about it. I try and follow this most of the time. In the evening, I cycled for for 6k.



I was better today than yesterday. I went for a steady paced 8k run and it rained in between. I remembered this post I wrote some time back and really enjoyed the rest of the run. Running in the rain is fun, primal and so childlike.


No run today. Focus will be on recovering from this week of training. By the way, it rained in the afternoon and me and my kid had a fabulous time.

Enjoying a little rain dance..

Enjoying a little rain dance..

Enjoying a mug of beer..on a weekend afternoon..

Enjoying a mug of beer..on a weekend afternoon..

Total k done this week = 56k.

This week went pretty well except I did 4k less than what I had planned. But I did some evening cycling also every other day. It counts I guess. The legs are feeling good and strong except for a hot spot which developed during the 25k run.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

How was your week in training?

How do you manage to avoid blisters?

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    • I stay in Bengdubi, near Bagdogra. This place is famous for these wild elephants. And they are quite notorious. I have to be on constant vigil when I am running alone. I will be posting a picture in next week’s training log of the sign board for elephants.

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