Road to Bhatti Lakes 100k – Week 6

I am back home from a family vacation, all hungover. It was a nice trip as I met my long lost best buddy and attended a friend’s marriage(another one bites the dust). I reached back in Bagdogra on Tuesday afternoon and resumed my training.


Going back home.

Going back home.


No running as we were packing up to go back the next day. Why does it always happen that whenever I go back from home town to the place where I stay, my luggage’s(read my wife’s luggage) weight borders the limit one can carry in flight? That’s a mystery?


Reached back home in the afternoon. My dog went berserk on seeing us after a long time.

She looks ferocious but is scared of a cockroach...her name is Polki.

She looks ferocious but is scared of a cockroach…her name is Polki.

In the evening, my wife and kid went for a birthday party of a  kid in the neighbourhood and I went out on a 50 minutes run with my new trail shoes on. They were more cushioned than my regular shoes and had a thick sole. I guess that will be needed for a 10 hour plus run on Bhatti Lakes 100k trail. I wore a pair of thick socks with it. The idea is to change to a pair of thin socks after few hours of running, that’s when the feet swells. I may purchase another pair of these shoes later.

I bought all this from Decathlon Noida. I ran in the black one. Super comfy!

I bought all this from Decathlon Noida. I ran in the black one. Super comfy! And that’s my son’s remote of his car.


No running today. Just settling down and getting back into the groove. Office starts from tomorrow.


I went for a 50 minutes run today at an easy pace. The weather here is turning clammy and warm. It the peculiarity of this place. Today I was hurting while running. My right toe was in pain so I had to shorten my strides a bit to avoid putting undue pressure there. By the way, did I tell you that I have got a new foam roller? I rolled my hamstrings and calves on it and felt like a new man. All the stiffness was gone. It is an awesome piece of equipment!

Beautiful piece of equipment. A total game changer.

Beautiful piece of equipment. A total game changer.


Day for my long run of 105 minutes or 1 hour and 45 minutes. I was apprehensive the night before the run because of the heat and humidity. I started at around 0520 hours. By the time I was back, I was fried. I did not eat or drink during the entire 105 minutes. I was dehydrated and my glutes were hurting. And it was not even 20% of the distance I am planning to run eventually in October. But I am building up gradually.

I was fine the moment I reached back home. I did some cooling down and yoga and drank up a cold glass of milk with Bournvita. I then readied myself and my son for school and off we went in an hour of coming back from run. Having a family is a great way to keep yourself on toes!


No run today. Had a wild night at a local pub with some great live music.

Total time run this week = 205 minutes or 3 hours and 40 minutes. Not good considering I am looking to beef up the mileage. But I guess it’s okay as I was on a vacation. I recently saw an interview of Emelie Forsberg where she said that she tries not to overdo in the training so as not to loose the simple joy of running. I will keep that in mind but still I need to do my bit before the race.

That’s all for the week. By the way, my father has agreed happily to crew me during the race. What better can I ask for? Till then, stay fit and keep running.


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I am Neel and the creator of borN. I am an ultra marathoner, scuba diver, adventurer, writer and father of an extremely active child.

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  1. sounds like you had loads of fun Neel. love the first pic, especially 🙂
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    • Hi Archana, welcome to my blog. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

      Yup, had loads of fun catching up with friends and family. Bdw you have a beautiful blog out there. The Eiffel Tower photographs are awesome. Can I ask you which theme are you using on your blog? It’s very appealing.

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