Road to Bhatti Lakes 100k – Week 5

I have started this week of running in Gurgaon, Haryana, and I am already hating it. For first, it is a real hard work to wake up in the morning for run after late nights and second, it is the most filthiest place in India to run in. Bhatti Lakes 100 k is a trail race and running here in Gurgaon is like trail running because there are no places for runners to run. So had to run on the dirt path next to the road filled with garbage.


I did not run in the morning but went out for a 50 minutes jog in the evening. It was just pure suicide with the amount of traffic plying next to me at unimaginable speeds on these broken and water filled roads. It rained last night.

The jog somehow turned into a fast paced run most of the time, to avoid being run over by somebody. I grew up in Gurgaon and it was never like this. But times have changed and the population boom has taken its toll on this beautiful city. But it was still nice to run on the roads where I grew up with my friends. Lots of old memories here.


No run today. Went out for lunch with my buddy and his wife. It was priceless. We went to a local brewery where the beer tasted nice but failed in intoxicating us. What a sham!


It was yummy nevertheless!

It was yummy nevertheless!


Did my long run of 90 minutes today and hated every second of it. Though I tried to find some quiet roads for some part but couldn’t avoid the a mid patch of around 30 minutes where it was absolutely horrible to run. It was dusty and polluted. But I didn’t have much choice except to just suck it in and finish it. I had to use Bodyglide to lubricate the inner thighs as they chafe pretty badly in runs of more than a hour.

I was relieved to have done it as my aim of not missing on long runs was complete. I wore my compression socks for the most part of the day. My calves are acting up a bit. Need to keep them in check.


Lazed around the day with no running. Infact I should not demean myself like that. We went shopping in the open market of Gurgaon. A place where I went with my mother when I was a kid. We shopped for my son, myself and wifey for a wedding we were going to attend in a couple of days. It was tough in the heat. A workout nevertheless. What do you think? Thereafter in the evening, we went to my in laws place in Noida for few days to attend a wedding of one of my wife’s childhood friend who incidentally became a good friend of mine. Had some beers with my father – in- law after I reached their place.


I went for a 50 minutes run in the evening in Noida. It is 100 times better planned than Gurgaon. I didn’t have to look continuously over my shoulder for some maniac driver trying to run me over. Enjoyed the run.


No run today. I did some shoe and gear shopping for Bhatti Lakes 100k at Decathlon and pigged out at lunch in a mall with my wife where she went for her jewelry shopping.  I bought a running shoe for my father and a pair of trail running shoes by a brand called Kalenji. I must say that they make decent shoes. I now have stopped buying other brands. They are cheap and effective. In evening, we all went for the cocktail party before the wedding next day. We all got drunk there and my son had a bout of stomach infection. Poor chap couldn’t enjoy the dance party there. Better luck next time, buddy!

Two pair shoes, smart phone belt, cycling gloves, socks and running sun glasses. It is such an amazing feeling.

Two pair shoes, smart phone belt, cycling gloves, socks and running sun glasses. It is such an amazing feeling.


Decathlon store in Noida. It is an awesome place to shop for sports goods.


Next day i.e Sunday the wedding happened. Big fat Indian wedding! Really happy for my friend who married his sweetheart after a long fight with his prospective in – laws.

After cocktail party photo session with my wife.

After cocktail party photo session with my wife.


At the wedding.

At the wedding.

I was on holidays, so the idea of running atleast 3 days was successful with a long run in between. I also gained some weight, thanks to the great cooking by my mother. Next week I will be back to my duty station where I will be more regular with my runs. Running ultras requires a lot of preparation with a lot of consistency. That’s the key. I hope I will be able to do justice to myself, come October.

So, how was your last week of training?

How do you survive family holidays in between your training season?

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