Road to Bhatti Lakes 100k – Week 4

One month of training for my first 100k race is over. And that’s a relief because I have not broken down with any injury as of yet. But the tough part of the training is yet to come. So, fingers are crossed!

This week is sort of a taper down week after 3 continuous weeks of gradually increasing mileage. My long run was shorter than the last one but I did a couple of local 5k races to maintain the intensity. I have also been taking care in recovery and diet. I have my compression socks for my calves, which have been injured in the past and dough roller pin to massage out any tight spots in the legs. I have also ordered a foam roller from a website. I wanted one for a long time and I thought getting one now is an ideal time. It’s yet to be delivered. Anyway, let me run you down through my week.


Well, we had a crazy party on Saturday, last week, at a local pub which carried on to my house. In the after party, things were pretty crazy. And I broke a bottle rum and a wine glass, my wife’s favourite. I had a bad hangover next whole day and ran a local 5k one the Monday. I never felt so sick in my life while running than on this day. I felt I will collapse mid run but when I saw the other runners, somehow I resisted the urge of falling down. I did the run in a decent time. To cover the time as per my training plan, I did another 5k in the evening. I also did some strength training like push ups, sit ups, glute bridge and vertical rope. Total time today was around 50 minutes.


I was feeling okay today morning after yesterday’s all out effort and an evening run. I ran for 40 minutes and felt like running more but I stopped myself. Did some strength training as the last day.


Today ran around 6k but did some strides of about 25-50 metres. These were all controlled efforts rather than all out sprints. I have a timed run of 2.4k next day with my colleagues. Got to conserve my energy for that.


I ran a 2.4 k today. It felt like my lungs will come up to my throat. It was brutal. I did a short warm up which I felt was not adequate enough. After the run did some strength training with chin ups, push ups and sit ups. Today is also the semi final match of cricket world cup between India and Australia. And India lost the match. It’s okay though. Reaching semis is also not a joke. But, nevertheless Australia played really well.

Trying to eat clean while writing this post.

Trying to eat clean while writing this post.


From today, for next 10 days I am on leave and going home to my parents and going to meet my best buddy, who was in London, after 5 years. Flight’s at 1.45PM. Did the weekly long run early at 5.30AM for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Enjoyed the run thoroughly even though it was warm and humid. The route I went on last week was quite pleasant today to run on. After the run did some strength training and started preparing to fly off to Delhi. It was quite a scene before leaving. Packing my stuff, packing my kiddos stuff, giving my kiddo a bath, getting things inside the house as we will not be there for 10 days or so, getting money from the ATM( which incidentally didn’t happen because the ATM near our house broke down when my turn came), getting my kiddos Nursery class result( he passed by the way) and etc etc. I caught the flight on time.


Break day. No running. Spending time in the mall with wife and kid. He had a ball.





My best friend came home last night, so while running, I went over to his place to wake him up. An old habit since young days. He had put on weight and he said I still looked the same as I was 5 years back. Caught up with him for a while and carried on my run. We will have our night out later this week. However, I was disappointed with the run because the city of Gurgaon has become dirty and dusty. It was a pain to run here. I am dreading my long run this week. I might have to run real early, I guess. And one nincompoop of a driver tried to run me over, just for fun. Well, then he saw my longest finger!

Total time run this week 4 = 235 minutes or close to quarter to 4 hours.

Life has become busy with wife and kid around. When I look back a couple of month’s back when I was in Gangtok, where I was relatively free, I think I am much happier here with my family. And now I am on leave, I will have to take care of not eating a lot of junk food and doing atleast 3 runs a week. That will be a challenge.

How do you manage to run when on holidays and not at home?

Any tips for me? I really need them.

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Author: Neel

I am Neel and the creator of borN. I am an ultra marathoner, scuba diver, adventurer, writer and father of an extremely active child.

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  1. hey Neel…nice way to sum up your preparation for the big day.

    I am thinking about ultra-distance running. something like 1500 kms…a stretch on NH-5.

    If it ever rings a bell to you, or you have anything to share upon it, reach back to me please…good luck for your 100kms

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    • Hi Amarnath, thanks for visiting my blog. 1500 k is a whooper. I guess you are a veteran in ultras with the kind of plans you have. My only advice to you is to stay consistent with your training and not get injured. You will have to run a lot with a tired body and mind and take care about nutrition. I am still to reach that level of ultra – ultra distance running but all the best to you for that. You may like to watch the documentary of Dean Karnazes of running 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 different US states. You may get some pointers from there as well. Download it via uTorrent.

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