Road to Bhatti Lakes 100k – Week 25 to 28

17 August – 12 September 15

I admit that I have been too lazy to write. But it doesn’t mean that I have not been training. Though it was a bit less than I wanted because “life happened”. I have been travelling, been sick for a while etc etc. But those are just plain excuses.

I have got bored of writing about my weekly adventures on running and preparing for my first ultra, Bhatti Lakes 100k. I guess it is the excitement and nervousness which is keeping me away from writing. Is it normal? Has it ever happened to you before any event?

Well, now I have entered the tapering phase. I did my longest run of 50k last week i.e on 05 September. It was hard and it rained the whole time. I started at midnight and ran till 6 in the morning. First of all, I had to run all alone in the rain, so it got kind of boring. I just kept thinking about running from ‘gel to gel’. It means that I was having a GU gel every 50 minutes and it became my sort of a motivation to keep going.

After the 50k run. It was all soaked.

After the 50k run. It was all soaked.

I changed my socks a couple of times but they were constantly wet. My water broke…I mean my hydration bladder leaked and all the water came down in my shorts and shoes. I thought then that anything can go wrong in an ultra and this is part of preparation. I then thought of listening to some music. I had an old MP3 player. I charged it beforehand and packed an earphone. When I decided to listen to it , I realised that my earphones don’t work at all. SO, it was an valuable lesson for me that CHECK AND RE CHECK EVERYTHING.

There was a lot of travelling this last period I am writing about. There had been days when I was completely beat and cursed myself for undertaking this challenge. I was dreading the long runs. But now having entered the taper phase, I feel a bit relaxed.


There something new which I have purchased.

Meet my new Hero. GoPro Hero 4 Silver. I am so stoked.

Meet my new Hero. GoPro Hero 4 Silver. I am so stoked.

I am loving it immensely and getting some great shots. And also I am making a DIY selfie stick, which I will use to make a documentary on the race. Here are some images I took from it. You can also check out my Instagram account for more shots.

Running in Gangtok.

Running in Gangtok.




Some random shots. I sometimes think I am a pro!

Some random shots. I sometimes think I am a pro!

That's Teesta river.

That’s Teesta river.

My face is so round...

My face is so round…

My son was equally excited....

My son was equally excited….

In some serious conversation..

In some serious conversation..


Looking fit, ain't I?

Looking fit, ain’t I?

I am tired of uploading the photos. So, here's a collage.

I am tired of uploading the photos. So, here’s a collage.

I have started with my taper and with my longest run behind my back, I am eagerly waiting to go home and run the race. By the way, my Mom is getting operated and my Dad was supposed to be my crew. So, I am without one right now and it will be nice to have a pacer. Any volunteers? I will give a nice treat of beer and food.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

Any tips to make a documentary on the race using a GoPro?

What all accessories do you use with your GoPro while running?

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