Road to Bhatti Lakes 100k – Week 23 & 24

03 Aug – 15 Aug 2015

Week 23 was great till Saturday i.e 07 Aug but on 08 Aug everything went downhill till 15 Aug. I was crushed and beaten.

From 03 Aug to 07 Aug 15, I was running well and putting in decent mileage. I also did my share of speed work, which now I think maybe the reason for my poor health lately.

Week 23

I am not writing a detailed day wise account for these two weeks because I don’t feel like it. But as a gist of the events which unfolded by Saturday of week 23 is here.

I was putting some miles consistently with regular cycling and weight training. On Saturday, as ususal I went out for my weekly long run at 3am. When I got up, I was feeling tired and was dreading the run already.

However, I put up a brave face and went out of the door. I planned to do a 30k. I started running comfortably and was feeling alright. But at 7 km, my body just gave up and I stood looking down at the road. I couldn’t muster any strength, both physical and mental, to keep going. I was lost and crushed by the sudden turn of events. I just couldn’t coax myself to start running. My legs had turned lead. I then turned and walked back home and slept off.

Next day, I came down with fever, cold and cough which lasted till the middle of Week 24.

So, this was my week. I posted a question on Ultra List saying about the sudden shutdown during the run. Here are few replies which I got.

When I was training for my first marathon, I remember one morning when I went out for my usual run. I forced myself out the door. That was normal for me at that time. It was always hard for me to get started. On this day, I ran about 50 meters and stopped dead in my tracks. I did not make a conscious decision to stop. I just stopped, turned around, and slowly walked back to the house.

It was the first time I had made a break from my marathon training schedule. It was the first time in my life I had ever just quit during a run. I could not bring myself to get back out and run. There was nothing wrong; I just didn’t feel like running. This was unacceptable. I beat myself up for it.

That evening, I came down with a high fever. It was the flu. My body had known about it many hours before my mind was aware. “Listen to your body.” That isn’t just a nice saying. It is the best guide you will ever have.

It is possible that you are suffering from the effects of overtraining. The legs feeling like lead seems to point in that direction.

I would recommend scaling back on your training for a week or two (50-60K per week maybe?). I usually cut back on my weekly mileage by 20-25% every two to three weeks before ramping up again.

Have fun in your 100K.


You could just be tired (accumulated fatigue) and it’s perfectly okay to back down especially since you still have two months left before your race. You can rest and bounce back. Trying to push through fatigue like that could only set you back. In my program I have a rest day built in, two if I’m really tired, as well as a week where I run less mileage to give my body more recovery — I follow the three week build, fourth week back down rule. Read up on over training symptoms and learn what warning signs to look for.

What has your week been like? You say that you recovered just fine from your last long run but how about your life outside of running. Has work been more stressful/busy than usual for example? Have you gotten sleep or less of it this past week?

Finally, as Marcia pointed out, you could be getting sick. You may not be displaying symptoms yet but your body has already been compromised.

Listen to your body.

Week 24

Now the next week went crazy. I was sick and went to a place called Hashimara for  some work. No running there except a 10k on Wednesday evening. I came back on Friday and decided to skip the long run. I needed some rest.

I wrote an article on endurance running and immune system, which might interest you. I knew about injuries from running but the stress from too much running playing havoc on immune system was new to me.

The amount of sleep, rest and another factors play a huge role in maintaining a fit and strong body. I hope that I will take care of these in future.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

Some random clicks from Week 24’s trip.






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