Road to Bhatti Lakes 100k – Week 16

15 June – 20 June 2015

Another beautiful week went by in running. I have completed 4 months of training without injury. Touch wood! After a slump of Week 14 and 15, I picked up the mileage again this week to 72 k. Also I started taking a couple of supplements(they’re legal, I guess), which seems to help me in recovery.


Monday was fun day for me. I ran 14k which I divided in two parts – 6k in morning and 8k in the evening.

I researched today on the internet about the benefits of Glutamine(if any) and whey protein. Glutamine is an non essential amino acid, which is produced by the body itself for combating fatigue and recovering from normal hardships. However,  I found out that they are pretty helpful in recovering from the rigors of training for a ultramarathon.  I may buy them tomorrow.


They are costly but worth it!

They are costly but worth it!

I ran a 8k today in the morning. Felt quite okay. In the evening cycled for 10k and played with my kid in the park. He is 4 and seems to be pretty good in dribbling a basketball.

Later, I went to check out a local supplements store. The owner was a hefty bod builder, whom I had to call him from his basement gym near the store. I had a brief chat with him on my requirements and bought the two supplements as in picture above. While coming out of the store, he asked me whether I weight trained or not. I told him I run 70-80k per week. You should have seen his face!


I ran a 9k in the morning but before the run, I had a 8gms of Glutamine in water. After the run, I had a glass of 35gms of whey protein with milk. I never felt so great throughout the day, considering it was the middle of the training week and I was generally getting bummed by this time. I felt ‘not tired’ throughout the day and even had a ‘not-so-drowsy’ evening.


A 11k in the evening was just the thing I needed. Because of the supplements, I am able to exercise longer and recovering well too. I have also started to swim a couple of laps in the swimming pool and weight training thrice a week. Just few basic exercises like bench press, dumbbell row, deadlifts, squats with shoulder press and bicep curls.


It rained and rained in the morning. So, I just did some yoga to recover from week’s runs and prepare for tomorrow’s long run. I didn’t run in the evening  but went for a swim with my kiddo.

After the swim, we went to watch Jurassic Park. I liked it but it seemed a lot dramatic and funny with the dinosaurs talking to each other and coming to rescue like a hero at the exact time of need.


I am somehow dreading the Saturdays. Maybe because of getting up at 2 and starting to run by 3 and of course the general tiredness of the long run throughout the day, combined with office work.

Nevertheless, I muttered ‘eye of the tiger’ and got up from my bed. I had a fellow runner joining me after 18k or so. But it got very warm by 0600 hours. I had plans to do a 33 k but I cut it short at 30k only. Total time taken 3 hours 20 minutes. It is not good but I will be starting a bit of speed work post July to improve my base speed.

By the way, the streets dogs are really becoming a pain in the ass. They seem to keep chasing me aggressively till the time the sun doesn’t come out.

Do you use supplements? If yes, then which one are they?

Do you feel any change in our performance? Hope the ones I am using are not illegal!

Till then stay fit and keep running.

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I am Neel and the creator of borN. I am an ultra marathoner, scuba diver, adventurer, writer and father of an extremely active child.

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    • Thanks for the encouragement Sabyasachi. It feels nice to get a pat once in a while as it really gets, sometimes, lonely on the road and the blog. I read about the two supplements I am taking. They seem to be genuine.

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