One Week Of Being Vegan – Week 4

ultramarathon training

4 weeks of training for this year’s ultramarathon is over. One month done and five more to go! Yeah, it’s awesome. I am nearer to my goal race and I am so pumped!

The time flies so quickly. I am sure that after the race, it will feel like it was yesterday when I was making all the plans and writing training week updates.

So it’s been a week that I have converted to being a vegan. That means I have cut out meat, dairy and honey from my diet. Also I have excluded all the fried unhealthy and sweet stuff.

I must say, it is very hard to be a vegan. But it’s all at the cost of getting healthy and improving my performance.

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I will update you what all I am doing and how I am feeling after the conversion to being a vegan in a bit but let me update you with this week’s training. There is a video on in it too in the end.

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It was a down week for me. It means that for last three weeks I continuously increased the mileage and the fourth week I came back to the mileage of the first week of training. This is to give the mind and body a break and a scope to recover.

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I ran a easy and sluggish 5 km today. It was warm but windy. Gwalior being a place with a lot of open grounds tends to be very dusty. I mean you can smell the dust in the air.


A 6 km run with 3 km easy and 3 km moderately fast. Nothing spectacular. The run was followed by weight training session and core work.

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A 9 km cycling on a new route because I got bored on the old one. Plus since I am new in Gwalior, it is a great way to explore when the traffic is less.


A 6 km run as I did on Tuesday. However, I increased the weights in the weight training session to make it more intense and to shock the system. Man, I loved the pump afterwards.

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I got up a bit late. I got up at 5:20 AM. Don’t look surprised because on normal days I wake up at 4 AM! And I felt a bit sluggish and cursed myself for that. So, I went for cycling instead of the planned 5 km easy run. I cycled for 6 km and came back home and slept off again for an hour, before rushing off to the office as I got late.


I did a 8 km run. It was a good run. Shot footage for this week’s video and had fun. After the run, did a session of jumping rope, weights and core work. Nothing special.

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Base 1 Phase of the training is over. From next week is the Base 2 Phase which will include a couple of hill runs/repeats during the week alongwith the normal routine which I followed in Base 1 Phase.

One Week of Being Vegan

Becoming is vegan is not a joke. Alongwith the dietary changes, it is accompanied with a lot of social issues as well. People who know you, suddenly on turning a vegan look at you differently. I mean they think that you have lost it! So, it is very important to proceed gradually and to have a support system.

What I Ate

Breakfast – Only fruits. A big bowl of around 4-5 bananas, 1-2 mangoes, papaya or grapes and a spoon of peanut butter and chia seeds. It was very filling and tasty. I was skeptical earlier about this kind of a breakfast but I am loving it.

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However, I get very hungry after around 11 AM and eat one banana per hour till I have my lunch. I am also a big coffee drinker and drink almost 3-4 cups of black coffee while at work.


A cooked meal of white rice, dal, vegetables and a papad.


A banana or a mango with black coffee. I had an onion rawa dosa on one the evenings too.


3 rotis, a cup of dal and some vegetables. That’s pretty standard.

How I felt

I kept thinking about food(I mean thinking about eating food) for the first 3 days. Except for feeling hungry all the time, I felt great. The hunger made me drink copious amounts of water till lunch time. After the breakfast though my stomach felt very gassy!

I am eating close to 8-10 bananas a day now. I am very energetic and not having the energy dips. I am not hogging at lunch as I used to earlier. Also I am not having any sugar cravings after the afternoon nap. My skin looks better than before, though I don’t care about that much. The weight loss is yet to start.

I guess I will have to start having a big bowl of salad in the lunch time. Only issue is the logistic part of it. The items of salad, who is to make that and shopping for them at a regular basis. But that’s how an athlete’s life revolves around food.

What I Am Doing to Help Myself to Being Vegan

I am still waiting for the 80 10 10 book by Dr Douglas. Amazon is taking forever to deliver it!

I have joined a few Facebook groups on veganism as suggested by a few people. Also I have read up on few very good articles on the nuances of being a vegan. And I have started following some on YouTube. These kind of resources seem to be helping a lot.

Facebook groups

Delhi-NCR Vegan Support

Indian Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness

YouTube Channels


Rich Roll

Jon Venus

Kathrine Moen

Cheap Lazy Vegan

hot for food

Here is a short little video on my first week of being a vegan. I couldn’t or I will say I didn’t feel like recording myself this week. So, the footage is of the last couple of days of this week. I hope you like it and please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

How was your first week of converting to vegan? Did you also face the issues of gas and feeling hungry all the time?

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