Kashaya – Herbal Tea

kashaya - herbal tea

Kashaya – Herbal Tea

I was a tea addict and I am so proud to say, I was, because I no longer am. Thanks to some healthy habits I inculcated during my latest travel. One day, one of my fellow residents in the guest house asked me if I would like to have some ‘Chai’. My eyes grew big and I timidly said ‘Yes’. But , when the tea came it was just some herbal water. It was a different taste, one that I never had. So, next time I made it and liked it too. And thus, began the journey of reducing 6-8 cups of milk tea a day to may be just 2.

I was very happy with this sudden healthy discovery and shared it with a friend’s father. He smirked and said ‘it’s kashaya’. And that was a new word for me and I asked more. He told me that it’s a herbal drink made from several spices and it’s a concoction of all those spices boiled in water.  He gave me many options to choose from. I will share the one that I like.


kashaya - herbal tea

That’s not a chicken leg piece but ginger…

Bunch of Mint leaves.

Ginger – few pieces.

Cumin Seeds or zeera – ½ tbsp.

Fenugreek Seeds or methi seeds – ½ tbsp.

Cinnamon – one small stick.


kashaya - herbal tea

Boiling, boiling n boiling…

Take a cup and a half of water. Bring it to a boil. Add all the ingredients. Let the water reduce and the colour will change into light green. Add some jaggery pieces in case you want it sweet. Pour it into a cup and enjoy.

Benefits of Kashaya

After learning to make this wonderful herbal tea, I thought of doing a search on this and checking out the health benefits. They are –

1.  Since it contains cumin seeds, it helps in relieving gastric problems.

2. It helps in boosting immune system.

3.  It aids in digestion.

4.  Ginger in the tea helps in alleviating some respiratory problems like cough, cold, flu etc.

By the way, I drink it now all the time and I feel much lighter and better. It is such a pure drink that I smile from my soul after drinking it. I think Kashaya is doing its magic.

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