India is Now on the World Map of Ultrarunning

international association of ultrarunners

Good news for all Indian ultrarunners! India is now on the world map of ultrarunning. India has become the 83rd member of International Association of Ultrarunners(IAU), all thanks to the initiative by Athletics Federation of India(AFI).

But what is ultrarunning/ ultra marathon, you may ask? Any race more than  the marathon distance i.e 42.2 km is called an ultramarathon. The races are generally of distances like 50 km, 50 miles, 80 km, 100 km, 100 miles, 135 miles, 24 hours etc.

What is IAU?

The IAU is operating under the patronage of the International Association of Athletics Federation(IAAF) and is dedicated to develop ultra distance running internationally within IAAF Rules and Regulations. – Excerpt from IAU website.

IAU conducts 50km,100 km and 24 hour world championships across the world and declares World Champions in Open and Age group categories.

Why should Indian ultrarunners rejoice?

Well, first it puts India on the world map of ultrarunning.  So with that, now India is part of this sport of running insane distances.

India has an official platform now to showcase it’s prowess in these kind of events. We have a few accomplished ultrarunners in the country but the most notable one in recent times is Kieren D’Souza, who has completed several national and international ultramarathons like LaUltra, UTMB and Spartathlon.

It is a chance for all the ultrarunners of India to put the country on the world map of ultrarunning. This is a big boost to the ultrarunning community in India, which is still at a nascent stage, and is a big boost to all the endurance sporting endevours.

It also gives an opportunity for the ultrarunners to follow their passion along with sustaining a living out the sport. Also it will boost the fitness and nutrition industry in India. It is an overall complete package. I hope Athletics Federation of India will now focus on developing ultrarunners at the international level.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

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I am Neel and the creator of borN. I am an ultra marathoner, scuba diver, adventurer, writer and father of an extremely active child.

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