How To Choose Running Shoes

This is a guest post by Daniel Ayers of Walk Like A Butterfly.

Looking to buy a new pair of running shoes but don’t know where to begin? Got a 5K marathon goal to complete but don’t know which pair of running shoes will deliver the sweet taste of victory? Dreaming about breaking the 10K barrier in under 40 minutes but having second thoughts about your current pair of running shoes? Well, you are in for a treat. Because I have got just the right running shoe guide for you to teach you how to choose running shoes.

Now that I have your attention, let me show you how easy it is to pick the right pair of running shoes.

You must first decide whether you are going to run on a paved road, race track, or on a trail. The type of running environment you choose will greatly impact the type of running shoes you need to buy.

Next, you must know a few things about your feet, such as your feet arch type, and how your ankles move. Podiatrist or orthopedists call this foot mechanics, which basically means how your feet and ankles move as you run.

Finally, visit your nearby shoe stores and find out if they have the products that much your feet arch type, foot pronation, and running environment. You must be careful here and resist the temptation to give into a new fad. Most likely the latest fashion is not what you need. Share with the salesperson what you know about your feet type and where you want to go running.

So, there you have it. I have listed the best piece of advice on how to choose running shoes in this infographic. I believe it is the only running shoe guide that you will ever need.

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Daniel Ayers is the mind behind Walk Like A Butterfly, a blog that helps runners find the best running shoes and treat running injuries. He actively participates in marathons and shares his experiences with runners in the sports community.

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