How To Avoid Nipple Chafing

avoid nipple chafing

Nipple chafing is horrible and painful. And it is a reality. The guys are the biggest sufferers. So here is a short guide to “How To Avoid Nipple Chafing”.

Nipple chafing happens with mostly guys. We don’t wear any under shirt UNDER the running T. So when we run, the chest goes up and down against the fabric of the t-shirt. The nipple which protrudes out slightly gets to bear the brunt of continuous movement. And hence, the screams in the shower!

Here are few tips to avoid nipple chafing before I get on with my weekly training report.

1. Taping

avoid nipple chafing

Taping the nipples is found to be the most effective way to avoid nipple chafing. I personally use this method. If you sweat buckets like me, then you may want to replace the tapes after sometime because they generally come off.

I use regular band aids for the job. You may also use the small round ones. Or Nip Guards. Or duct tape.

2. Grease it

You may try greasing the nipples with Body Glide or vaseline. If it can help with thigh and foot chafing, then it may help avoid nipple chafing too. Some people have vouched for its effectiveness. However, it may stain your favourite running T.

3. Proper fit

Analyse the size of your t-shirt. Is it to big for you? Because then chances are that it will move around more with the body. Try wearing tighter ones and experiment during training. You may also try different fabric of t-shirts.

4. Cut weight

If you are overweight like me, then consider cutting down weight gradually. It has been seen that overweight runners are more prone to chafing. The extra mass of flesh on the chest, going up and down while running will bound to create friction and heat.

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5. Go topless

avoid nipple chafing

If you are like Anton Krupicka, then you may want to go shirtless because then, there is no scope of chafing. You have removed the source of problem from the root. However, it is a personal preference and confidence on one’s own appearance. I, for one, will not be comfortable to go flashing on the run though!

6. Mow the lawn

avoid nipple chafing

If you are hairy like me, then it’s better to shave the chest with a electric clipper.  I don’t recommend waxing. It’s painful and the after effects are not manly.

By shaving, the band aids or tapes will stick on better to the skin. Refer point number 1 of taping. Plus, it looks cleaner.

So, here are my 5 tips to avoid nipple chafing. Now to this week’s training recap.


It was a rest day because I had done last week’s long run on Sunday. It rained today heavily and as usual there was an all day power cut.

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I did an easy 7 km today. Nothing fancy. The weather was amazing as it rained yesterday. I have started using Sworkit app to do HIIT. It is super effective and raises the HR in a ziffy. I am doing 5 minutes as of now daily.


A moderately hard 10 km with some up and down a flyover at the turn around point. Today it was very warm and humid. After the run, I did some bench press and squats and 10 minutes of Sworkit.


I planned to do some cycling but we had a late night party, so I couldn’t wake up on time. It’s okay sometimes to miss a workout and not be too hard on self. I took this opportunity to catch on some extra winks. Sleep does wonder to recovery.

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I realised today that being a vegan and an Indian, it is hard to socialise. For vegetarians in India, milk products are an alternative to meat. So, paneer, cheese, curd etc are okay to be eaten by them. But a vegan can’t have theses dairy food items. So the other at a party, the only edible food for me was a couple of bread slices and baked beans!

If I tell them that I have turned vegan, then I get bombarded with all sorts of questions. So, I try to avoid them. I keep them at bay by saying that I have an upset stomach, thus I am avoiding dairy products today.


An easy 6 km today followed by 5 minute of Sworkit. Another party tomorrow, so I won’t be able to do the long run on Sunday. So change in plans. Now the run is on Saturday. A 20 km.


I got up at 3 AM and started running at 4 because today I have an early day in the office plus it gets crowded on the streets and also warm.

It was the best long run in the last 2 months of training. The timing was not super but I felt good and was faster than the previous runs.

This week’s mileage – 7 + 10 + 6 + 20 = 43 km. Two weight training sessions and 5 km walk.

Here is a short video on this week’s training. I could only film on Saturday because I had been busy throughout the week. EXCUSES! Anyway, enjoy the video.

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Till then stay fit and keep running.

How do you avoid nipple chafing?

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