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Hi! I have a preposition for you in case you are a passionate runner or a nutrition expert or fitness freak and like writing about it.

borN is a blog on providing well researched articles on running long distance events like half and full marathons, ultras, injury prevention, yoga, strength training, nutrition, runner friendly food recipes, reviews on gear, books and races run with photographs. If you would like to write for my blog to share your experience and knowledge, do leave a comment below or mail me at I will be happy to bring you on board. At the outset, there are few advantages of writing on my blog –

  1.  Get recognised in case, you are a newbie with your name and bio.
  2.  Boost your online presence.
  3.  Meet prospective clients and build your brand.
  4.  Get published. I can assure you that getting published anywhere other than your site feels really good.
  5.  Get a back link to your blog or website.

Few guidelines to keep in mind while submitting an article.

  1.  The post should be at least 700 words.
  2.  Please take care of the grammar and related aspects. Typos and other small mistakes can really kill the essence of the article.
  3. The post should be reader friendly, free from profanity, hate and religious issues.
  4. Use necessary headings and subheadings and hyperlinks(wherever required) to create an interesting read.
  5. All posts should be submitted in .doc/.docx format.
  6. I respect original content. So, please refrain from copying as it will amount to instant removal of the article. Though due reference should be given to the sources of research.
  7. Provide a concise bio at the end of the article, along with an lively photo of yours(in case you wish), along with a link to your blog or website.
  8. In case you are not sure as on which topic to write, we can always do a brainstorming session to decide upon it.

Note : Submissions can be edited for grammar, language and any other issue before publishing. Though, I will notify you about the changes before publishing.

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  1. hi Neel,
    I saw your website or should I call it blog on running while searching stuff on Amit Seth.
    I am a 41 year old Indian runner based in Europe (Zurich).
    Last year I took up running 42.195 km and ran 4 marathons including a mountain race :)-
    Recently, I wrote a few lines wishing all my running and non- running friends happy 2016. Btw wishing the same to you.
    It is not 700 words (as you insist) but is revelant at the moment.
    So if you want you can publish it on your site.

    Here it is

    42.195 km = 12 months
    The year is like a marathon and we are all winners in our own race/s. We all crossed the finish line of 2015. Some with difficulty, some with speed. But we all did it and that’s important. Well done guys.
    Let us start 2016 with a new spirit, with more energy and more enthusiasm.
    Just like every race, the year also has a start time and end time. Start date and end date. And within this prescribed time we need to finish what we have set out for.
    Some core steps taken from Marathon.
    Step 1- Start it easy
    Do not speed up in the beginning. It is going to be a long year with ups and downs, turns and curves. Save your energy and remain patient.
    Step 2- Get into your own rhythm and maintain it
    You are unique, so get into a rhythm that you love. Set your own goals and have a plan. Most important-Stick to it.
    Step 3- Stop at the aid station
    Take a break from time to time and re-energize yourself. Eat and hydrate well to maintain a good health.
    Step 4- Talk to your co-runners and cheer them
    Make visits to your family and friends, no matter how busy you are. Cheer them, show your support as they too are running their own race.
    Step 5- Keep on going and do not quit
    A stage will arrive when you would like to quit, when you want to give it up. Hold on.This is just a phase. Carry on step by step.
    Step 6- The last drive
    At times you need to go outside your comfort area and make the last push or that extra effort. It may hurt but it’s worth it.
    Step 7- Finish the race in style.
    When you are close to the end, give all you have got. Finish the year like a winner; with your hands up in the air and be proud of what you have done.
    Step 8- Get prepared for the next race.

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    • Hi there Indranil, at the outset welcome to my blog. I appreciate your contribution but it will be nice if you can send the write up to me in a .doc file and mail me at Also if you can also insert photo of yours and a brief write up on what you do and your blog.

      Bdw, sorry for replying so late. I was just caught in work.

      Waiting for your mail.

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      • Hey Neel & all, I believe one of the main secrets to being successful in long distance running is to master your mindset as well as your physical training. If I were to want to write a guest post about this topic would I just email you with the above email? Thanks

        Nathan Weed

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        • Hello Nathan, Sorry for the delayed response. Been travelling and out there in Ooty to run a 100 km ultra. I am genuinely interested in mental training aspect, which to me is the most important component. Do email me with the article at Looking forward to it. Regards.

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