Gear Review – Geonaute On Rhythm 100 – Heart Rate Monitor

Gear Review - Geonaute On Rhythm 100 - Heart Rate Monitor

Name of product – Geonaute On Rhythm 100.

Price in India – Rs 1999 on the case, however got on discount for Rs 1500, approximately $10.

Made in China.

Items in box – Watch, chest strap and user manual.

About the product

As a runner I like gadgets which can help me in improving running. Any runner would want to build a solid aerobic base and lose weight before jumping in the preparation for any race of any distance. Heart rate monitors are quite useful in this regards. Therefore, I was searching for a Heart Rate Monitor for almost 2-3 years in India. Whatever was displayed on the internet was too costly or I was not looking at the right places or with unnecessary functions and none was available at any sports store. Then sometime back, I stumbled across Decathlon Store opposite Hyderabad Airport. I was thrilled the moment I stepped inside this mega sporting goods store. It was a dream place for me. Here I came across this product. It was cheap, with minimum essential features and easy to use.

This product consists of a digital watch, chest strap and an user manual.


1.  Simple looking black in colour.

2. Basic functions of a digital watch like –

–  12/24 hour display and date.

–   Back light.

–  Stopwatch.

–  Can set Target Zone alarm.

–  Water proof but not suitable for diving.

3.  4 sleek buttons around it – Light, Start, Stop/Set and Mode.

4.  Mode further has 4 functions –

–  Pulse.

–  Chrono.

–  Time.

Chest Strap or Pectoral Belt

1.  Made of durable material.

2.  Water resistant but not suitable to be used while swimming or diving.

3.  Easy to set up the strap to the sensor.

4.  Simple to adjust according to the width of chest.

5.  As it was the first time I was using a HRM, the strap felt like I was wearing a bra.

6. Easy to change the battery of the strap with the help of a coin and easily available. Battery – CR2032(same as that of the watch).

Gear Review - Geonaute On Rhythm 100 - Heart Rate Monitor

User Manual

1.  Written in a simple and easy to understand language.

2.  Necessary pictures on setting up given for ease of use.

3.  Troubleshooting column to rectify possible problems.

4. Page on principles of training with HRM.

Gear Review - Geonaute On Rhythm 100 - Heart Rate Monitor


Setting up the HRM is easy and simple.

1.  Press MODE and go to PULSE.

2.  Wear the chest strap and wet the sensors with little water.

3.  Get the watch within less than 50 cm of the strap and it will display a blinking heart and subsequently gets connected.

4.  For about 20 seconds, pulse rate shown will be inaccurate as it is the time necessary for the calculation algorithm to provide smooth, reliable numbers.

5.  Set the zone in which you want to train and off you go.

Personal Experience/Opinion

1.  I purchased this product from Decathlon, Hyderabad. I went to the store twice to change the product. First time I went because the back light of the watch stopped working and second time the chest strap won’t connect to the watch even after replacing the batteries. The Decathlon folks are a patient lot and replaced the product with a smile as it was in warranty.

2.  Best item in this price range.

3.  Simple to use and set up.

4.  Limited features . But that’s what you get for low price and that’s the thing I wanted. Just simplicity.

5.  The display of the watch is big enough to see the reading while running.

6.  Comes with a 1 year warranty.

7.  FINAL VERDICT – Useful product with no complications at a cheap price.

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Author: Neel

I am Neel and the creator of borN. I am an ultra marathoner, scuba diver, adventurer, writer and father of an extremely active child.

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  1. Thanks for the review ! You made my choice easy.
    But I’m gonna feel bad for the high price I’ll have to pay online.

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    • Glad that I could be of some help. This model is really great. Have fun and thanks for dropping by.

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      • How accurate and reliable is it?

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        • Hey Ani, it’s pretty reliable. It is the most basic model of HRM and cheap too. It just shows the heart rate, time and has got a stop watch. That’s what I wanted. No other fancy stuff. I will say I train a lot with it. Helps me not to overtrain. Yeah but it is quite a delicate piece of machinery. Had to replace it a couple of times within the warranty period. Otherwise it is the HRM I was looking for a long time. Hope it helps you selecting the “one”.

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          • I had to replace the chest strap twice because it fell down and stopped working. And once the the watch because its night glow was not working. Otherwise a cheap and reliable product. The one you are planning to buy looks super cool. All the best with that. I wrote an article on training with HRM. You may want to read it. Take care then.

      • Hi Neel

        It was a good informative review.

        I am looking for HRM with Pedometer.

        Can you suggest any???

        Post a Reply
        • Hey Anand, Thanks for visiting my blog. Sorry for the late reply. Glad that you found the post informative. As regards to HRM with pedometer, I am sorry I will not be able to help you with that because I have never used that kind of thing. But try Amazon. They keep a lot of stuff. Best of luck.

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