8 Etiquettes To Follow During Races

etiquettes runners to follow

I recently took part in TCS World 10K Bengaluru and after the the race I thought of writing this post. Though the event was very enjoyable but there were instances when the fellow runners spoiled the show for a bit. So, I am today documenting those bloopers for all runners to read and learn from it. So, here we go.

1.  Cutting across

I was running at my usual pace in this race and all of a sudden a guy cuts across, hops in front of me, changes direction and crosses the fellow in front of me in one smooth step. And I brake myself to avoid collision and in the bargain twist something in the hip or knee. Sounds familiar?

Guys please have patience and don’t cut across. Say a polite ‘excuse me‘ or a gentle touch on the elbow to go ahead. The runner will give you space. Jumping ahead suddenly breaks the rhythm. I hope you can appreciate that.

2.  Stopping in front

Again I am running at  race pace and then suddenly the runner in front of me stops and sits down to tie his or her laces or just to catch his or her breath. You apply emergency brakes to avoid collision.

Runners please turn your head a bit to see if anybody is coming behind you or not before stopping. And get to a side to do whatever you have to do. It is very irritating for having someone suddenly stop in front of you while running.

3.  Snort, spit and fart

Runners do all kinds of things on the run. They will let out snort rockets, spit in perfect trajectory and fart loud or silent smelly ones. Again please be wary of others coming behind you. I know running makes us do these grotesque actions in public but don’t let it out with a runner behind you. There is nothing more disgusting than wiping off others snort or spit from your hand or legs or closing your nose to block the awful stench. Get to a side please.

4.  It’s a relief, isn’t it

The biggest pleasure in life is peeing and crapping when it is at peak. Even Tenali Raman had proved it to his king.

Once, King Krishna Deva Raya asked his learned men about the single most biggest pleasure of life. Everybody gave different answers ranging from women, money, house, family, kids, luxury, travelling etc and etc. The most learned one, Tenali Raman kept quite. The King asked him about his views, to which he said I will show you on a boat ride.

Next day, he mixed a strong laxative in the breakfast of his King. After having their food, they embarked on the boat ride. Soon, the laxative started taking it’s affect. The King told Tenali his predicament. Tenali asked  him to hold it for a bit longer as the shore was still at a distance. After some time the King again asked him to stop the boat. Tenali again urged him to hold it a bit longer. This happened again and Tenali gave some excuse every time.

Now, the King was really angry and threatened Tenali that he is going to be beheaded. At this Tenali docked the boat at a shore and the King jumped out and ran to the nearest bushes. When the King came out, he had a blissful look on his face. The moment he saw Tenali, he became red with anger.

Tenali then explained to him about his little mischief of putting laxative in King’s food and subsequently delaying his nature’s call. The point of this whole prank was to tell you that there is no bigger happiness than peeing or pooping. The King rewarded Tenali.

So, we know about this happiness. But we don’t have to be vocal about it. It so happened I stopped at a mobile toilet for men during this race and it had a communal peeing point, means everybody can see each others. Then suddenly this guy on my right exclaimed loudly, “what a relief!”. Dude, come on. So, you get the point. Don’t exclaim loudly. We know it is the biggest pleasures of life.

5.  Don’t breath on my neck

I can smell your breath when you are too close because it’s crowded at start line. And you didn’t brush your teeth in the morning. Give some space to each other at the start line. A couple of steps here and there doesn’t make a difference. Keep atleast half arms distance from your fellow runner. And please brush on race day and  apply a deodorant.

6.  Don’t swing your hands

She suddenly smashed my ding-a-ling. Sorry, not being naughty here but this woman was walking in the middle of the route when everybody was running. And she was swinging her hands back and forth in a brisk walk action. By the time I could dodge her, she smashed her hand in my you-know-what. Oww, and she gave me a disgusting look. I said sorry and ran off.

There are times in a race when a runner is going to walk for whatever reason. To avoid inconvenience to others, please get to a side of the route. And for heavens sake, don’t swing your hands so much. Please read this article on proper running form and learn how to keep your hands in position even if you are walking.

7.  Aid station stop

As mentioned in Point number 2 above, don’t stop suddenly at the aid station without looking behind you. There will be plenty of tables and ask the volunteers by looking in their eyes, while approaching them, as to what you want. Avoid stampeding the initial tables. You will save on time and avoid troubling fellow runners.

8.  Race event T-shirt

I have seen people wearing race T-shirts before they have even finished the race. There are chances that small percentage of people will not be able to finish the race for some reason. I am not discouraging you but paying for the entry fee doesn’t mean you can wear the T-shirt. It’s ethically incorrect. Finish the race and then wear it. It gives more pleasure.

What do you think about the etiquettes runners should follow during races? Please share your experiences with other runners in the races. Any funny incident you can remember?

Till then stay fit and keep running.

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