Bottle Gourd Peel Recipe

bottle gourd peel recipe

It’s yummy and yes, they look like sliced green chillies.

Most of us cook vegetables after removing the outer peel and throw that peel in the dustbin. What we don’t realise that they too have a nutrition value. Well, what my friend Tumpa(wife of Neel) does is that she uses the peel of a bottle gourd to make yet another delicious vegetable. According to her, Bengalis eat everything from the seed of a plant to the stem and roots. They don’t like wasting and instead create many more delicious recipes.

Once when I was over at her place and I saw her cook it. It not only looked incredible but tasted even better. I liked it a lot and hopefully, you will too when you try the recipe below. It is very simple and doesn’t take long to cook either.


bottle gourd peel recipe

Peel of Bottle Gourd

Peel of bottle gourd or lauki – one bowl chopped.

Salt to taste.

Turmeric powder – 1tbsp.

Red chilly powder – as you like it.

Cooking oil – any that you use.

Poppy seeds or khus-khus – a handful (optional).


Clean and chop the peel. Boil it till its soft.

Heat oil in a pan to sauté. Add the boiled pieces and spices, stir well.

Lastly, add the poppy seeds and serve hot with any bread or rice.

Now, this is her recipe. You can add or remove any spice depending on the kind of flavour you like or just eat it boiled with fresh herbs and spices.

Benefits of Bottle Gourd peel

Bottle Gourd is a rich source of nutrition which we can’t miss out on. Apart from being a super delicious vegetable, it’s also amazing for health.

1.  It is rich in fibre and essential minerals. It will help alleviate constipation and other gastric issues.

2.  It helps reduce blood sugar and very helpful for diabetics.

3.  It contains more than 90% water and thus makes an excellent low calorie food and helpful in reducing weight.

4.  It also helps in protecting kidney and liver and good for jaundice patients.

These are not the only benefits but they are endless. Have it everyday as a side dish or a main dish and enjoy the feeling of being light.

Try, cook, enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

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Author: Anubha Rastogi

Anubha is a passionate storyteller by profession and an amazing cook by choice. Follow her on her Facebook pages - Anubha's Guide to Good Food and Anubha - The Storyteller.

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