Book Review – Relentless Forward Progress by Bryon Powell

book review relentless forward progress

Name of the bookRelentless Forward Progress, A Guide to Running Ultramarathons.

Author – Bryon Powell.

Price – $14.95.

Number of pages – 229.

ISBN – 978-1-891369-90-2

Genre – Sports/ultramarathon guide.

About the author

Bryon Powell has been running for more than 20 years especially on trails. He left his lucrative job in 2009 as a Washington, DC, attorney to make trail running his career. He is the editor-in-chief of’s an awesome website for trail and ultra runners) and contributing writer to many American running magazines and contributing editor at Trail Runner magazine. You can read more about him here.

About the book

So, you’ve run a marathon? What now? You want something more isn’t it, you greedy human? Then read this book and run an ultra!

Ultramarathon is any race beyond a marathon i.e 26.2 miles. You may think that the training for both is the same, then you are highly mistaken, sir. It takes more than physical toughness to run an ultra. You also need mental and spiritual toughness. Yeah, that’s right.

This book gives you just that. From whys to hows, it has everything you need to know about making it across the finish line. It includes issues like why to run ultras, training programs for  50 and 100 milers with 50 and 70 miles per week, nutrition, use of walking poles, shoes, hydration and packs, cross training, speed work, recovery, clothing, tackling blisters and much more, not necessarily in that order.

Great runners like Krissy Moehl, Geoff Roes, Ian Torrence, Michael Wardian, Dave Mackey, Dakota Jones and many more have pitched in and given their advice on varied topics, which makes this book even more valuable. It can be the end point of knowledge resource you need to understand and run an ultra safely and without injury.

The book is an easy read, without much scientific words to confuse you and loaded with practical advises. It brings out solutions to the most common problems of runners. I have read this book like 5 times and flagged it at appropriate places and am hoping to run an ultra by this year end. Actually, I had been scouring the internet with solutions to run an ultra and the information is there but it is all scattered. Buy this book for a concise guide on ‘how to run an ultramarathon’, as the title says.

Personal verdict : A must read. Your one stop ‘how to’ book for running an ultra.

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