Book Review – Lore of Running

20150121_190910 “For the serious runner or coach, this book is a must.”  – Runner’s World

NameLore of Running.

Author – Tim Noakes, MD.

ISBN – 13: 978-0-87322-959-3.

Price – $29.95.

Number of pages – 931(it’s seriously a thick book on running).

Genre – Running, training.

About the author

Tim Noakes is a South African health professor of exercise and sports science at the University of Cape Town. He has under his belt more than 70 marathons and ultramarathons. He is an editorial board member for many international sports science journals and former president of South African Sports Medicine Association. He has authored quite a few books and Lore of Running received the 2003 Book Award of the University of Cape Town. Excerpts taken from the book.

About the book

This book is considered to be the bible of running. And rightly so. At the look of it, the book seemed to be a bore at the beginning but as it unfolded, the more I got fascinated by it. George Sheehan has rightly said in the Foreword of the book that Tim Noakes has successfully combined the science of human body and the art of running.

The book starts with the Physiology and biochemistry of running and human body. He has dwelt deeply in formation of muscle structure, system of oxygen delivery to muscles, energy systems, temperature regulation, prediction tables for performance as per VO2 max by different renowned runners etc. This chapter will be best understood by medical students but can be understood with equal elan by non med students like me.

The next chapter deals with training concepts to include training foundation, selection of correct shoes for running, laws of training, training models of elite runners, over training syndrome, training mistakes, mental training etc. This chapter was the one which got me hooked. It has the answer to all the queries which runners generally have about training optimally.

Next, he comes to training programmes as per distances from 10km to ultramarathons of different coaches of high stature. There are a variety of options in each distance as per personal requirement and ability.

Lastly, he rightly so dwells on running health to include nutrition, various illnesses, injuries, rehabilitation, strength training, stretching etc.

Personal opinion

After I read the book from start to end(it took me close to a fortnight to finish), I thought of never going to google to search for answers in running. This book is a detailed one on each and every aspect of running. The writing style is easy. The best part of the book is that Tim has linked all his findings to sports medicine researches. Almost all the legendary figures in running have been featured with regards to their diet, nutrition, injuries, frustrations etc. This gives a human touch to the book amidst all the technical jargon.

I will recommend that any type of runner especially more fanatic ones to procure a copy of this book in his or her personal collection. If you don’t have this book, then you maybe missing on something big.

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