Bhatti Lakes Ultra – 100 KM Training Plan

So, finally I am free from some professional commitments which tied me down for last three years from participating in Bhatti Lakes Ultra. The race is being  organised by Globeracers. They organise races of ultra distances throughout the country. And the company is headed by a woman named Kavitha Kanaparthi.

Anyways this race is held on the trail head at the border of Delhi, where the road ends in the Kant Enclave development of Suraj Kund, Faridabad. I have not been to this place but I have seen the pictures on the Globeracers website. It is a trail around the mine lakes of Bhatti. And said to be the toughest trail ultra races in India.

Well, this will be my first ultra distance race. And I am quite excited about it. I know that if I don’t prepare well for this race, it will be a pure attempt of suicide. So, the other day, I was in a conference at work when I decided to make a plan of action for tackling the 100 km ultra marathon. As such I was not interested in what was being discussed in the conference, I made this rough training plan on a piece of paper. You can check it out below.

Plan of action

Look closely

20150223_145141It is very important that I make a well rounded up training plan to cater for run-work-family balance, core strengthening and a bit of cross training. So, like nowadays, 3-4 days in a week, I am doing a bit of weight training for core, lower and upper body apart from hill running. I plan to continue with it. Alongwith it, I also plan to cycle to give a break to my running muscles.

If you see the plan, March and April are for base building. I have already started with putting in a sustained aerobic effort since Jan. Next two months are for increasing mileage and last two months are intense training months with some speed work thrown in. Today I was going though Lore of Running as a reference for preparing a training program and I then compared my program with the ones given in it. My training plan is bit behind on weekly mileage with highest being only 115 km. I may tweak it a bit later and increase the mileage, depending on how the training finally shapes up on ground.

The main emphasis for this seven month training regimen will be to avoid injury at all costs and cut down on weight by having a lot of fruits and vegetables. As per Michael Arnstien, The Fruitarian, raw fruits and vegetables helps in faster recovery. I will not follow him in totality but yes, I will definitely have more of them and clean up my diet. Also I will have to focus on recovery and sleep to continue bashing up my body repeatedly.

The program I made is supposed to be a flexible one. I also have a family to look after to. I don’t want them to feel neglected, which generally happens with ultra runners. I was reading in the book about training for ultra marathon is that if there is one workout which you can’t miss, then make it the weekly long run. That’s what I am going to do if at some point in next seven months life overtakes me.

Lets hope all goes well with the training. Will keep updating the progress. Till then stay fit and keep running.

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