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tips to lose weight

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I have been reading up books and blog posts on how to lose weight for many years. Sometimes I was successful and sometimes not. Mostly they were all willpower methods in which when a delectable and mouth watering food item came in front of me, I used to forget all the resolutions and promises to myself.

Now, in the last month i.e January 2014, in which I lost 5 kgs, I learnt the basics of losing weight. And it’s not rocket science. It is actually simple and anyone can do it. I will get on to it without anymore delay.

1.  Limit the servings

Tips to lose weight

As my wife says, eat everything but in control. I have tried this and found it to be effective. This can actually be the most efficient and fastest way to lose weight without having a thought of making any sacrifice. By all means eat those pizzas, burgers, cakes and other unhealthy things but limit it.

Aim to eat at the max 80% of what you think you need to eat at each meal. And 50% of junk food. You will start seeing a difference in a week.

Tip :

1. Use smaller plate for eating and smaller ladles to serve food.

2. Fill the plates from the kitchen itself. Chances are that you will not want to go back for a refill.

3. Avoid shopping for junk food like chips, cookies, cakes, muffins, chocolate etc. In case, you can’t to without them, eat only half of which you actually like to eat.

2.  Chew Chew Chew!

Tips to lose weight

Chew and breakdown the food in your mouth before swallowing it. Taking your time to eat will send signals to your brain that the stomach is full i.e after about 20 minutes and will avoid gorging on the food. But a point to mention here is that never reach the dining table in a starving state because then you won’t be able to eat and chew slowly.

Tip :

1.  Drink a glass of water prior to eating which will subside a bit of hunger in case you are very hungry.

2.  Eat some salad before you start with the main course or have a light soup.

3.  In case the meal gets delayed, have a piece of fruit or a couple of pieces of dates.

4.  First visually appreciate the food and notice its ingredients. Then enjoy the taste of each bite and savor the flavours of the food.

5.  Avoid any distractions like watching television, fiddling with the cell phone or reading. Just concentrate on the food.

3.  Leftovers are not bad manners

Contrary to the common saying that don’t leave food on the plate as there are millions who do not get to eat properly is crap. Take only 80% on your plate and eat and chew slowly. Chances are that you won’t need a second helping. In case you take extra on your plate, leave the portion you think you don’t need to eat. If in a restaurant, get the leftovers packed. They more than happy to give you back your food so that they will have more garbage space.

4.  Eat more home cooked food

Tips to lose weight

Home food is any day tastier and healthier than restaurant food. Avoid eating out often. Like me and my wife now only eat out once a week. Also now, when I am eating out, I look for healthier options like salads or wholewheat food or dishes with lot of veggies. If your better half is tired of cooking for you, then it’s time for you to learn to cook a dish or two. I have also been contemplating on this issue for some time now. Probably will look into this matter.

5.  Fruits and veggies

Tips to lose weight

When I got sick with fissures, doctor told me to make a drastic lifestyle change. He told me to have fruits and veggies. I ate them once in a while earlier but that was not sufficient. I started eating more of it and voila, I lost a whooping 5 kgs in a month without feeling weak. Find ways and means to eat more fruits and vegetables. They help you keep full because of high fibre content and keeps the blood sugar level in check.

 6.   Drink more H2O

Tips to lose weight

Aim to drink atleast 8 -10 glasses of water everyday. Water before and during meals helps to avoid overeating. Plus it also boosts the metabolism helping you lose weight faster. Water, I will say is one of the most  important component of this whole weight loss issue.

7.  Eat low GI food

Low Glycemic Index(GI) foods are those which release sugar slowly and have little effect on the blood sugar levels. Also it takes longer for the body to metabolise them. High GI foods are just the opposite. They cause a sudden spike in blood sugar level and in turn leads to weight gain.

In case, you can’t avoid high GI foods, then mix them up with low GI food as it counteracts the sudden rise in blood sugar.

8.  Prepare in advance

It’s a wise thing to think about your food in advance in case you are travelling. Nowadays, whenever I travel away from home, I carry my supply of fruits and nuts with me. They help me satiate my hunger in case I get delayed for meals. Also it is a healthy and cheaper alternative. It keeps me away from those tempting but unhealthy fast food.

9.  Eat small meals often

Your body is like a steam engine. If you keeping putting coal at regular intervals, it will function smoothly. The moment you overload it or stop feeding it , it will come to a halt. The body needs to be fed at regular intervals throughout the day. Plan to have atleast 3 major meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2-3 small meals like a snack between breakfast and lunch and a snack between lunch and dinner. There are numerous options like nuts, sandwich, fruits etc. I find eating a fruit to be most convenient.

10.  Get your backside moving

Tips to lose weight

There are no two ways about it. Get out of that front door and breath the fresh morning air. Go walking, running, cycling, swimming, hiking, gyming, dancing or anything but move that backside. Researches have proved that moving continuously for 30 minutes helps in speeding up metabolism and use fat as a means to produce energy. Plus the release of feel good hormones will make you..er..feel good. Don’t wait for the perfect day and get moving now.

Tip :

1. Exercise in morning on empty stomach if working out for 30-45 minutes.

2. Park your vehicle away from the entrance of the shopping centre so that you will have to perforce walk that extra distance.

3. Use more of stairs than elevators or escalators unless you are going to the 100th floor.

4. Don’t sit for more than 15-20 minutes at a stretch. Move around or just stand.

5. Walk to the grocery store instead of taking the car or do a one way walk. Hell, just be creative.

6. Get a training partner. That way he/she can kick your butt in case you are lazing around.

7. Buy some apparel for working out. It will motivate you to exercise.

8.  Layout the clothes which you will wear in the morning, hence saving you time to get out of the door to exercise.

The crux of this whole weight loss issue is just to eat in control and include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. A point of emphasis here is that no tip mentioned above to be incorporated in a stand alone mode. It is a combination of the tips which will help you achieve that dream figure.

Before I finish, I remembered few more pointers –

1. Tell your partner or loved one about your weight loss goal.

2. Write down the goal somewhere. Not in that diary but somewhere you can see it every time like on the fridge or in the kitchen or on you bicycle.

3. Join a gym or a fitness club.

4. Visualise yourself in that dream figure. Power of visualisation is extremely effective.

I hope the tips will serve you as a useful reminder. Figure out why you want to lose weight and get on with it. Incorporate the above tips in your lifestyle and reap the benefits.

Till then stay fit and keep running.

Any thing I missed?

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